Fallout 4: Hunter Hunted – Travel to C.I.T, Track and Kill Courser and Recover the Courser Chip

 Fallout 4: Hunter Hunted – Travel to C.I.T, Track and Kill Courser and Recover the Courser Chip

After Settling with Virgil, he asks you to infiltrate the Institute, find the Courser Chip for him. Before you start your hunt for the Courser Chip, note that the Institute makes use of the transportation in a huge factor so it’s better to carry a Courser Signal for your Pip-Boy.

Fallout 4

Travel to C.I.T.

You need to Fast travel to Diamond City to locate the C.I.T. and once your reach there take out your hazmat suit and get back to the old combat style hunter. So from there head to the building lobby until you reach the roads, take a right and make use of the ladder to get across the other side of the partially raised bridge.

Once you have crossed the river take a right and keep following the road and left the pile of tires to reach the C.I.T. ruins. Now Tune the Courser Radio Frequency from the Pip-Boy then select Radio and select Courser Signal option and then proceed in the game.

Track and Kill the Courser

Now that you have your Pip-Boy ready with the Courser’s Radio Frequency you can easily track down in the Institute Courser. To know it works, keep searching at the locations inside the institute and as you come across the location there will be a beep on your Pip-Boy’s radio. You’ll the radio frequency getting stronger and stronger.

As you get inside the Greentech Genetics building, you can turn the Pip-Boy Radio frequency off and start your loot from the reception desk and next to the wall where you need to climb the steps to reach the top of the stairwell. On your way, there will be few turrets waiting for you and once the coast is clear move towards the upper level and take a right to get inside the corridor. Again climb up a bad deal with few more enemies and raiders all the way to the Top.

Once you reach the Top you’ll hear Gunners and Courser are fighting and find him as a hostage. Try to take them the similar way you tried for Kellogg by hiding and then taking them one by one. He is not as good as Kellogg so feel free and take him at once. You can make use of Med-X and Psycho to boost your health if you have taken critical damage. Finally when you have taken them down go and approach the Courser and loot his body.

As you grab the Courser Chip the Mission immediately ends and the Next mission is added to your log. We recommend to grab the Greentech Genetics Password from the toolbox, help K1-98 or Jenny from one of the security room, Fat Man and ammo near the Courser body and many more before leaving the Institute and heading towards the next mission.