Fallout 4: Institute Quest – Mass Fusion, Pinned and Powering Up

 Fallout 4: Institute Quest – Mass Fusion, Pinned and Powering Up

After you complete the first 3 part of Institute’s Essential mission you need to progress with the other Essential Missions in order to gain Trust of this faction and discover the Fallout 4’s true ending. In This Institute Quest Walkthrough, we will complete the next three quest: Mass Fusion, Pinned, and Powering Up.

Fallout 4

Mass Fusion

In this Mission, you need to locate and retrieve the Beryllium Agitator inside the Mass Fusion and the Loyalty with other faction may change the game scenario.


  • Retrieve the Beryllium Agitator


Go ahead and have a word with Father and he will ask you to contact Allie Filmore to know more about the Beryllium Agitator in Mass Fusion. So head downstairs and speak with Allie and get the plan on how to retrieve the Beryllium Agitator. From now you will have two options:

  • Either you can select Allie to join with you in the Mission or else you can take this proposal to the Brotherhood of Steel, if so than simply leave the Institute and go the Brotherhood of Steel and begin with Brother quest Spoils of War.
  • If you Choose to stay with Allie then several Brotherhood quest will fail and only the Quest Steal Shutdown will remain. Start defeating all the enemies on the Roof of the Mass Fusion then head down to the floor and in the room check the desk to get the Executive Lab Id and Password of Mass Fusion. Then access the terminal with the same password and head straight to the Lobby after using the elevator.

At the Lobby, you need to look for a service elevator to take you in the basement, here use the Id card to gain access to the decontamination area. Locate and get into the reactor chamber and activate the interlock release with the agitator receptacle. Now take the Beryllium Agitator upstairs from the Main door and on your way you need to avoid the Sentry Bot and Protection.

As you enter the lobby again you have the backup from the Institute forces to take care of the enemies. Exit and get back to the Institute with the item and talk to Allie Filmore to complete the Mission Mass Fusion.


Just after the you complete the Mission Mass Fusion, Father will assign you with the next Essential Mission called Pinned where you need to find the scientist missing from the Institute who are supposed to power up the Reactor.


  • Find and Talk to Enrico Thompson and Wallace


Now that the Beryllium Agitator is brought back to the Institute, the scientist can proceed with their plans, but Father informs you that the Scientist named Wallace is missing and you need to find him. First head out of the Institute and then fast travel to the marked location that is the Gray garden.

Now it as you reach will totally depend on what decisions you have made in the past like:

  • If you haven’t dealt with Minutemen so far then you will have to take few Gunners down and save Wallace.
  • If you have already dealt with the Minutemen then you will find several of them preparing to attack the house. If you agree to their plans to attack Institute will stand against you and Killing any Institute forces initiates the Institute quest Banished.

Whatever decision you make ultimately you have to enter the house and speak to Enrico Thompson to know where Wallace is been holed up. Locate him behind the Barricaded door and help him to get back to the Institute which bring our Mission to and End.

Powering Up

In this Mission, the Reactor is all set to be Powered Up and with the Institute now ready to reveal themselves to the outside world.


  • Reconfigure the transmitter and Activate the reactor


After bringing back the Scientist to the Institute, the Reactor will be ready to be activated and let the outside world know about The Institute and their plans. You need to go and talk to Father first and record the message in the room which will be broadcasted to the outside world.

Once the recording is done, fast travel to the Diamond City Radio to modify and update the Transmitter. All the radio components can be found in the nearby crate which can be used to insert in the blank slots until all the lights turn green. This will power up the transmitter and it ready to go.

Head back to The Institute and directly in the Advanced Systems to open and activate the reactor’s core. Later get the access of the terminal and begin with the start-up of the core. Join Father with another Conference meeting where you need to answer the queries asked by the head of other divisions and thus completes the Mission with a strong connection with the Institute than the other Factions.