Fallout 4: List of all Random Encounters in Commonwealth Location Guide

 Fallout 4: List of all Random Encounters in Commonwealth Location Guide

Being a Sole Survivor in Commonwealth, you will encounter a number of random places, species, resources and many more. We have listed down all the random encounters we have noticed so far. This Guide will show you all the random encounter locations and what does it include.

Random Encounters in Commonwealth

Before we start with the List we would like to warn you that there are some Minor SPOILERS* in the list. You may continue on your own risk. If you have any doubts with the location or have anything to add then feel free to post them below in the comments.

Random Encounters in Commonwealth

Deathclaw Brawl

Chances of two Deathclaws to spawn and begin fighting one another until one of their health runs low and the losing Deathclaw retreats. If you encounter in such situation then make sure you take cover as the fight will end one of them will turn hostile and attack.

Two Faced Synth

You will definitely come across two men when are very identical to each other and both are named Art. One of them is a real human while other is a Synth. If you interfere them in between then both will try to convince you to be the real one. Before interfering them, you will see one Art has the other on the knees with a Shotgun pointing on his head. There can be different Possibilities here – If you decide:

Not to Interfere between them than the human Art will execute the synth and walk away.

Interfere and Convince the kneeling Art to admit to being a synth(difficult speech).

Interfere and Convince the standing Art to lower his weapon, at this point, the kneeling Art will draw his weapon and attack the standing Art.

Attack one of the Art and check their body with the Synth component.

Interrupt from behind then both will draw their weapon start shooting each other(normal combat).

Preston Garvey Impersonator

If you see a Man with a very smooth talking and claiming to be the Preston Garvey(Leader of Minutemen) then go ahead and start the conversation. Finally, he will end up asking you for 100caps donations for Minutemen. Just let him know that you know Preston Garvey and you are the general of the Minutemen and you will see the Impersonator will end the chat and run away.

Self Admitted Synth

Moving forward you will come across a man ‘Fred’ and woman ‘Angie’ holding a third man ‘Jules’. Jules will claim that he is a self-admitted Synth and he ran away from the Institute to get to the Bunker Hill. Here you will have four choices of which 3 possible speech will help you feel him in gratitude and save him. If you are lucky then Jules may or may not show up at Bunker Hill which totally depends on your decision of saving/ killing him there.

A Girl and Her Robot

Another encounter will include a girl named Kat with her Sentry Guardian Bot which she called ‘Gus’. This looks like an easter egg where she reference to the Little Sisters and their protectors the Big Daddies from the Bioshock series or it can be a reference to a novel ‘A Boy and his Dog’ who were surviving the post-apocalyptic world.

Malfunctioning Robots

You will also encounter a few Assaultruns spouting random conversation which is absolute nonsense. If you come to notice then they will start shouting loud enough “WHAT A PRETTY BOY”. This also looks like an easter egg which references to 1952 movie ‘At Sword’s Point’ where a Women is dressed as a man before she is challenged to a dual sword.

Named Feral Ghouls

As you move ahead you will see a pack of Feral Ghouls – Mr. Donoghue, Mrs. Donoghue, Mr. Sumner, Mrs. Sumner, Mr. Parker, Mrs. Parker, and Ms. Rosa. These were the names of the Survivor’s neighbors in Pre-War Sanctuary. This will not be just once but a repeatable encounter that you’ll see even if you kill the Ghouls.

The Farmer and The Vicious Dogs

In the near Farm, you will notice a Farmer being attacked by 3 dogs. If you kill the dogs to save the Farmer then you will be rewarded with 250 caps. try repeating the same again and again to farm more caps.

The Farmer and The Raiders

This is similar to the vicious dog scenario, but the only difference here is that the dogs are replaced with 3 Raiders. Take the Raiders down to earn more 250 caps.

Wounded Dog

If you see a Wounded, unmoving, non-hostile dog then go ahead, speak with him and help him heal his wounds. Give the Dog a name and see he will start following you for a while. Once you leave the area the Dog will be disappeared. Make sure you help him fight the enemies who try to attack him.


Duke is a member of Atom Cat who is wearing a full Power Armor Suit. Go ahead and speak with him and he will help you mark the Atom Cats garage on your Map.


Later, you will come across a Man with Full Combat Armor and a sniper in hand. Avoid going too close to him as he will attack anyone(including you) who is close. This reminds me of Sam Warrick of Fallout 3.

Gene and his Dog

You will definitely come across a man named ‘Gene’ who always wants to sell his Dog. Do not Ignore him try to purchase the Dog with +6 Charisma. he will offer you to buy the dog for 250 caps, but try to convince him. Once you buy any dog you can send him to Settlement and increase its defense by +5. Gene can be encountered a number of times so use that as your plus point and buy the dog.

Kelly and her Brahmin

A Women named Kelly comes across with a Brahmin then she will definitely ask you to buy him for 100 caps. You Must buy him and send to Settlement to improve the efficiency of farming. If you try to chat more and ask her if she has stolen the Brahmin then she will try and become evasive with her tone.

Super Mutants with Missile Launchers

Again a Farmer will be threatened by three Super Mutants with Missile Launcher. If you come to close and if they notice you then they will start firing those missiles at you. Very few chances that they will aim directly at you, but try not to challenge them.

Advertising Eyebot

This one is a bit tricky where you will come across an one eye bot who keeps on advertising the Cambridge Polymer Labs. If you start the conversation then the bot will ask you to start a quest which is a trap so avoid accepting the quest.

UFO Crash

To the East by southeast of Oberland Station you tend to hear a sound of a plane crash. If you are quick you will see the plane crashing as this happens in a fraction of seconds. When you locate the crashed UFO you can notice a green blood tail just beside the crash. This tail will take you a nearby cave where you will be attacked by the injured alien. Kill him and take his blaster pistol and 400-500 alien blaster rounds.

Three Dead Raiders

On your Left will be a burned farm which is definitely a sign of a failed invention. On the farm, you will see three dead Raiders. One of the Raider has a note where he attempts to stop the other two from eating the food. If you see the note carefully you notice Suffolk County charter school is marked on the map.

A Scavenger and a Refrigerator

A beginner level locked Refrigerator with a scavenger trying to unlock it. Approach the scavenger and open the refrigerator and you will get a random gun, some caps, and matching ammo.

Mac’s Bar

Encounter a Random places like a Bar which belongs to a man named Mac. Initiate a conversation with him about the bar location and purchase drinks.

Man looking for Bunker Hill

A bit weird but, a man wearing an Institute jumper named Timothy and looking for Bunker Hill. If you kill him then there is a synth component found on his corpse.

Scavenger and the Hatch

Again you will encounter a Scavenger with a Hatch and one you indulge the conversation he will inform you that the hatch belongs to him. If you place your cursor on the Hatch it will prompt you ‘Detonate’. if you choose to detonate then there will be a mini Nuke explosion and when returning to the place you will find some skeletons with minor loots inside the Bunker. We would recommend you to use a companion to detonate the hatch.

Two Men Arguing About Sandwiches

Mikey and Moss are the two men you will be encountering soon in the wasteland who are fighting for a sandwich. Don’t just watch the debate as this will be a very long one, but listen carefully when they refer to decision of the Massachusetts Superior Court White City Shopping where the court ruled that a sandwich consisted of at least two slices of bread, and therefore “under this definition, this court finds that the term ‘sandwich’ is not commonly understood to include burritos, tacos, and quesadillas, which are typically made with a single tortilla and stuffed with a choice filling of meat, rice, and beans”.

The Water Beggar

Yet another reference to Fallout 3’s numerous water beggars. You will come across a Women/Men who are kneeling and asking for water and after giving them water they can be sent to any settlement or if you continue talking they will inform you that they need to rest a bit more before moving on.

Skrap Rat

You will encounter a Skrap Rat near med-tek research which also holds a letter. The Letter Says – “Bradlee, look I know you’ve doubted since we killed that guy who came into our camp, but this is how we do things. I don’t have time to try and figure out if a newcomer is trustworthy or if he’s gonna slit all our throats the first night. I don’t see it as a choice. I see a stranger, I kill them.It’s for the good of the group. Skrap rat.” Near the Skrap Rat, there are 2 scavengers which will then turn hostile against you.

Charge card

A man with a scam will come across with informing that he works with all the traders in Commonwealth. He asks you to buy the ‘Charge Card’ for 110 bottlecaps claiming that you can purchase anything with that card which is a totally useless and it does not work. If you tend to buy it and don’t forget to kill him and get the refund.

Mandatory Curfew

A rare case where ‘Mr. Gutsy’ is attempting to enforce a Mandatory Curfew created by Provisional Governor Graham. If you agree to return home then Mr. Gutsy will become hostile stating that you have broken curfew else persuade him by claiming to be on military business where he will state you are 60% confident and let the sole survivor pass.

Irradiated woman

This is similar to The Water Beggar encounter, a woman who claims to be dying from radiation will ask you for a RadAway. If you give her some, she thanks you and says she needs to rest before continuing. There is no further option for interaction.

Three Albino Radstags

You will Encounter three Albino Radstags marching down a road, one of these locations is outside Med-Tek Research.