Fallout 4 Main Quest Complete Walkthrough Guide

Bethesda’s brand-new post-apocalyptic adventure Fallout 4 is now available in stores. After the much-loved Fallout 3, players have gone crazy when Fallout 4 was announced. Fallout 4 takes place 200 years after the Nuclear explosion and as it is an open world game you are free to explore the Wasteland as per your wish similarly with the Main Story Mission they can be executed in a non-linear order which gives our player a complete freedom with the gameplay.

Fallout 4

This Walkthrough Page will guide you with different Main Story Quest First and then the Side Missions in the game. Even though the Game approach will be different for everyone, one thing will surely be common that is the end of the Story Missions. In the Main Quest, the outcome also may differ if you have completed some side quest before the Main Mission. So we wanted to inform you that we have completed all the Main Story Missions First and then the Side Missions. Without any further ado, let’s have a Look at the Index.


Act 1

  • Prologue: War Never Changes, Vault 111, Decontamination Pod, SPECIAL Stats
  • Out of Time: Escaping Vault 111, Exploring Sanctuary, Greet the Dog and Concord
  • Jewel of the Commonwealth: Diamond City, Trinity Tower Radio, Valentine’s Detective Agency
  • Unlucky Valentine: Find Nick Valentine, Discover Vault 114 and Park Street Station
  • Getting a Clue: Kellogg’s House and Shaun’s Disappearance
  • Reunions: Follow Dogmeat, Search for Fort Hagen, Kill Kellogg

Act 2

  • Dangerous Minds: Find Doctor Amari at Memory Den and Discover Goodneighbor
  • The Glowing Sea: Find Virgil in the Crater of Atom and Discover Mass Fusion Disposal Site
  • Hunter Hunted: Travel to C.I.T, Track and Kill Courser and Recover the Courser Chip
  • The Molecular Level: Find the Railroad, Road to Freedom, Build and Power up the Signal Interceptor
  • Institutionalized: Find Shaun, Meet the division leaders and Network Scanner Holotape
    • The Institute Essential Quests:
      • Part 1: Synth Retention, The Battle of Bunker Hill and Mankind Redefined
      • Part 2: Mass Fusion, Pinned, and Powering Up
      • Part 3: End of the Line, Airship Down, and Nuclear Family

    • Brotherhood of Steel Essential Quests:
      • Part 1: Reveille, Fire Support, Call to Arms and Semper Invicta
      • Part 2: Shadow of Steel, Tour of Duty, Show No Mercy, and From Within
      • Part 3: Outside the Wire, Liberty Reprimed, and Blind Betrayal
      • Part 4: Tactical Thinking, Spoils of War and Ad Victoriam

    • The Railroad Essential Quests:
      • Part 1: Road to Freedom, Tradecraft and Underground Undercover
      • Part 2: Operation Ticonderoga, Precipice of War and Rockets’ Red Glare

    • The Minutemen Essential Quests:
      • Part 1: When Freedom Calls, The Sight, Taking Independence and Old Guns
      • Part 2: Inside Job, Form Ranks, and Defend the Castle

Act 3

If you have any doubt or anything to add in this Walkthrough guide then do let us know in the comment section below.