Fallout 4: Minutemen – Inside Job, Form Ranks and Defend the Castle

 Fallout 4: Minutemen – Inside Job, Form Ranks and Defend the Castle

After the end of Brotherhood of Steel, it’s time to focus on the Institute who are planning to take over our Castle and the rest of the survivors. This is the Last Part of the Minutemen’s Essential Quest Where you need to remove the data from the Institute, Recruit more Settlements for the Minutemen and Defend The Castle with Preston Garvey.

Fallout 4

Inside Job

Once you’ve decided to join the Minutemen Faction till the end of the Journey, you can pass on the Holotape to Sturges with the Institute’s data.


  • Insert Network Scanner Holotape into Institute terminal
  • Give Holotape to Sturges


This Mission will only be available if You had assisted Sturges during the quest ‘The Molecular Level’ also, you must have received the Network Scanner Holotape from other factions.

During your Main Mission ‘Institutionalized’ with the Institute, you must head straight to the terminal and insert the Holotape to obtain all the Data. Then you can complete the Mission objective as it is. Once you done with the Main quest return to Sturges and Handover him the Holotape.

If you want you can hand over the Holotape to any faction and this won’t affect your Loyalty with Minutemen. Thus concluding the Essential Quest of the Minutemen and beginning of the ‘Form Ranks’.

Form Ranks

You have collected all the required data from the Institute and now you need to gather and recruit more Settlements for Minutemen in order to make them take a stand for our faction.


  • Recruit more Settlements for the Minutemen


To Start with this mission you need to get Banished from the Institute and you have number of ways to do it:

  • Declining Father’s initial offer
  • Opting out after The Battle of Bunker Hill
  • Attacking any Institute scientist

To begin with the Quest, you head straight to Preston Garvey and share with him your knowledge about Institute. After your conversation, He will decide whether to take on the Institute now(depending on the present situation) or not.

If you have enough settlements then you will directly head with the next Quest ‘Defend the Castle’ or else you would have to recruit more Settlements for the faction. Minimum 8 Settlements are required to begin the next quest. Once you have all 8 Preston will warn you about the imminent Institute attack on The Castle. Thus Ending the Quest and begin with the last Essential Quest.

Defend the Castle

You need to get ready for the last Essential quest of Minutemen where you must Defend the Castle by building the walls and hunting down the Synths.


  • Build defenses
  • Defend The Castle


Once you have gathered 8 settlements for the Minutemen you will start hearing the Broadcast from the Radio Freedom about the War at the Castle. If you don’t have any clue then simply visit the castle or speak with Preston Garvey and he will inform you about the imminent Institute attack on The Castle.

You will know where the enemies are heading from with the help of the Radio. Start defending the Castle and mainly focus on the state of the generators where the Synths will directly drop off through the walls. This will be a very lengthy war so build your defense accordingly.

After the Successful defends against the Institute’s Synths you must go have a word with Preston and Ronnie Shaw. Thus concluding the Last Essential Quest and Beginning of the Act 3: The Nuclear Option The Minutemen.