Fallout 4: Minutemen – When Freedom Calls, The Sight, Taking Independence and Old Guns

 Fallout 4: Minutemen – When Freedom Calls, The Sight, Taking Independence and Old Guns

Fallout 4

After Exiting the Vault 111, you try to explore the Wasteland and when you come across the Sanctuary, few players continue with this quest as a part of Main Quest by entering the Museum of Freedom. This Quest will guide you with the rest of the Minutemen Essential Quest.

Fallout 4

When Freedom Calls

You are about to meet Preston Garvey, Leader of Minutemen and start standing for the Survivors and help them from the Raiders and Other enemies.


  • Find the Power source
  • Find the power armor and minigun
  • Kill all the raiders and the Deathclaw


As you enter the Museum of Freedom, you will find Preston Garvey and few survivors in a room. Garvey will ask you to pick up one the Laser Musket from the ground outside the Museum and get it back to him. As you head back to the Museum start eliminating the Raiders inside the building in order to help the survivors to flee away.

When you finally meet Garvey face to face he will introduce himself as a part of the Minutemen Faction who stands to help the survivors finding a little place called home. Mama Murphy(old lady) informs you that she had a sight that Sanctuary would be the place to settle, but it is been constantly attacked by the raiders. Then Go to the Roof and use the Power Armor and a Minigun to finish off the Raider and keep them away from the Museum Door.

After Clearing the Raider, you will see a Deathclaw will appear and starts attacking you. Counter the enemies and try to take him down as soon as possible as his give a critical damage to your Power Suit. Head back to Garvey once you have dealt with the Raiders and Deathclaw, he will ask you to join him for the rest of his journey. After the conversation is overhead back to the Sanctuary and talk to Preston to end the Quest with an offer to join the Minutemen Faction or not.

The Sight

Before this Quest, you will have another small quest where you need to just gather resources and provide it to the people in Sanctuary. Then begin with the Main Quest with Mama Murphy and help her with the Minutemen Essential Quest.


  • Build Mama Murphy’s chair in Sanctuary
  • Bring Mentats to Mama Murphy
  • Bring Med-X to Mama Murphy
  • Bring Buffout to Mama Murphy
  • Bring Psycho to Mama Murphy


After securing the Minutemen Survivors in Sanctuary speak to Mama Murphy where she will inform you about her vision of the future, but only if she is under the chem Consumables influence also she requires 8 hours of rest. Now you need to gather few chems and build a chair for her to sit and rest.

Once you’re done with the objectives she will reveal a future, with that she will also start demanding other requests where you need to head to the Diamond City market and get some Chem-I-Care for her or else find her secret stash in Quincy Ruins. You can ask her to stop with her addictive habits via Charisma. As the few other Minutemen survivors believe her in not taking the chems. Thus ending the Third Essential Quest of Minutemen.

Taking Independence

The Leader of the Minutemen Preston Garvey will talk about his former home called The Castle and he needs to take it back from the Mirelurks. Then take the Minutemen and the Survivours in the same house.


  • Decide on a plan of attack
  • Destroy the egg clutches
  • Kill the Mirelurk Queen
  • Power up the radio transmitter


After Completing few Radiant Minutemen Quest for Garvey, he will share his plans to take his former Home called the Castle back from the Mirelurks. Firstly head towards the snack shop which is just beside the Castle in South Boston where you will meet the Minutemen forces and help them with the taking out decision:

  • Pincer Attack
  • Draw Them Out
  • Guns Blazing

Now that you have decided to take them out, head towards the courtyard first, eliminate the minor Mirelurks then with the help of the Pip-Boy you can easily locate the Mirelurk Eggs, but before destroying these eggs make sure you have dispatched the adults. Once the eggs are destroyed Mirelurk Queen will arise and after defeating her the Castle is reclaimed. Before speaking to Preston, construct some generators attach wires to it in order to power up the Radio Transmitter.

If you have Problem with Building the Generator then just check the requirements below:

  • Screw 3x
  • Gear 3x
  • Steel 7x
  • Rubber 3x
  • Copper 3x
  • Ceramic 1x

Once the Radio is Up a Signal is broadcasted the Radio Freedom Station and thus concluding the Quest.

Old Guns

Castle is Reclaimed for the Minutemen Survivors and it’s time to meet Ronnie in order to build the artillery at the Castle and keep the enemies away from it.


  • Talk to Ronnie Shaw
  • Build and assign artillery at the Castle
  • Head to the target area
  • Throw a smoke flare into the target area


This Mission will only be available after completing the ‘Take Independence’ Essential Quest of Minutemen. Now that you have reclaimed the Castle for Preston and the Minutemen, he will Introduce you to Ronnie Shaw. She will ask you to get access to the Castle’s Armory which is locked due to debris. In order to get access through the Armory, you need to use the Workshop and make the Rubber into scrap.

Then Head inside the tunnel with Ronnie and at a few distance you will encounter a sentry bot named Sarge. Defeating Him will open the door where you meet another guy who was the previous leader of the Minutemen. Open the Courtyard door and then grab the armor along with the Artillery Schematic and Artillery Smoke Grenade. To Build an Artillery Piece you require certain resources like:

  • Oil 4x
  • Screw 8x
  • Gear 11x
  • Spring 5x
  • Steel 16x
  • Concrete 4x
  • Wood 4x

You will find the resources nearby and also you have the access in the Building so go ahead and hunt for it. You also need a Person/dweller to help you building fast. After Building the Artillery, Ronnie will ask you to test and check it, here you need to go to the snack shop and throw one of the smoke grenades to try how the Artillery works. Now speak to Preston and thus completing the Quest.