Fallout 4: Out of Time – Escaping Vault 111, Exploring Sanctuary, Greet the Dog and Concord

 Fallout 4: Out of Time – Escaping Vault 111, Exploring Sanctuary, Greet the Dog and Concord

As soon as the cutscene is over you’ll Exit the Cryo Pod, you’ll have a set of objectives assigned and have full control over the character from 3 persons to the first person. Let’s Get started with the second part of the Fallout 4 Walkthrough: Out of Time.

Fallout 4

Exit Vault 111

After the cutscene, you’ll get the instinct that something has gone wrong and you need to exit from the cryogenic pod bay and adjust yourself for the first few seconds as you have emerged out of the pod in the year 2077. Now keep moving and head to your partners pod where you see a red manual control open the Pod. You’ll see your partner is dead and Shaun is missing. Now just don’t leave from there, grab the wedding ring before you leave.

Now look at your current objective at the bottom of your screen and start moving west by opening the first door on right. Keep heading through the corridor and take the note of the glass window on left with some bugs in it. The Open room you see straight ahead will have some Stimpak on the table, these Stimpaks helps you to regenerate the Health when you’re badly injured.

After you Open few Door while following the objective path, you’ll come across some Radroaches and you can either use melee to get rid of them or go the table on the right and grab the weapon and take them down. After you take them out don’t forget to grab their Radroach Meat as these can be used to regenerate a very small amount of health.

Head straight ahead towards the sliding doors to the left which leads to the staff canteen. Explore the locate the Recreation Terminal at the end of the room. Here you’ll come across the First Secret Game in the Holotape called the Red Menace. Once your are done you can eject the tape and keep moving towards the Main Hallway. Pass through the Energy-Spewing generators in the center and now you’ll encounter a bunch of Radroaches.

Then Climb the steps ahead and continue towards the next doorway until you come across another sliding door, but first don’t forget to enter the adjacent room where you will find some 10MM pistol ammo nad few Stimpaks. Interact with the Terminal on the reception desk in order to open the Evacuation Tunnel. Now just have a look at the caged area to grab some more Pistol Ammo and here you’ll come across the Mysterious Cryolator locked inside the case, you need Master Level Picklock to retrieve it.

Moving ahead you’ll come across another room with roaches take them down and note to yourself that you can target as many bugs and limbs until the action point is depleted. Then take right and you will be introduced to the game’s stealth mechanics, try using the hidden mode in the game by crouching down and moving ahead. If you try to aim at the enemies while crouching the aim will be improved drastically.

Head straight ahead and grab the Pip-Boy on the floor ahead and make some changes(if needed) or have a look at your current stats and progress with the mission. Now continue moving forwards until you come across the elevator, the game will prompt you the last chance to make any changes with your attributes and then continue with the Exit Vault 111.

Go Home, Discovered Sanctuary and Talk to Codsworth

Get ready to explore the world after the nuclear explosion and breath the fresh air after ages. Once your out of the Vault, just have a look around the environment and head down from the rocky path. Look at your objective marker below to know the exact heading location. Keep moving until you see Codsworth near you place which is almost ruined by the explosion.

Talk to Codsworth your old robot friend and start inquiring about Shaun, his existence, what happened here. After the conversation, Codsworth will inform you that you are here 200 years after the explosion around the year 2077. Later You and Codsworth agree to explore the Neighbourhood together.

Continue with the Search and First get inside your ruined house and grab all sorts of important collectibles like the Grognak the Barbarian comic from the kitchen counter which will add +5% damage to your critical Hits when you attack unarmed with melee then grab the ‘You’re Special!’ card from the baby’s room which allows you to increase your any SPECIAL stat by one point.

Get outside and keep left towards the end of the street to explore the various houses. Head into each house and collect the junk which you think is important(for crafting purpose) For the lockpicking you must adjust the angle of the bobby pin gently with the screwdriver. Later Codsworth will again have a conversation and he will provide you with more information about the life in Concord.

Investigate Concord

Check your Map to know your next location which will point towards the Concord. Now as your about to reach Concord you’ll encounter radiation storm which will reduce your health nad increase the radiation effect in your health bar. To get rid of that effect either you use the RadAway or visit the Doctor nearby. On your way towards the Concord, you’ll come across another semi-ruined house and a dog outside waiting for some.

Discovered: Red Rocket Truck Stop

Greet The Dog and play with him for few second and when you ask him to join you as your companion he will be ready. So before you head straight towards the exploration you must get used to with the dog and his commands and he can help you locate the unique and additions item which is necessary for you. Now keep following the marker objective to discover Concord.

Discovered: Concord

Soon you’ll come across many building and you Discover Concord which also unlock the Fast traveling system in the Pip-Boy. Now if you want to travel back home in Sanctuary you can use the Pip-Boy and boom you are in Sanctuary. Now that you have safely reached Concord it’s time to explore and investigate the area. There are much building which are inaccessible and some which are passing the junction beneath. You hear some gun fires nearby so go head and take down all the Raiders in the Concord.

You can also command your Dog to make it easy for you and take the Raider down all by himself and then keep moving forwards until you reach the Museum of Freedom. The current quest will come to an end and start to sum up the total experience points you have earned in this Mission.