Fallout 4: The Glowing Sea – Find Virgil in the Crater of Atom and Discover Mass Fusion Disposal Site

 Fallout 4: The Glowing Sea – Find Virgil in the Crater of Atom and Discover Mass Fusion Disposal Site

In the Last Walkthrough: Dangerous Minds, we explored Kellogg’s memories to locate Shaun’s last location and with that it also brought light on Virgil. Now you need to track Virgil in the Glowing Sea and know more about Shaun’s disappearance in this Fallout 4 Main Quest: The Glowing Sea.

Fallout 4

Find Virgil in the Glowing Sea

Your main objective will be set to Find Virgil in the Glowing Sea, but before you take your leave from Doctor Amari’s office make sure you grab all the supplies from the room including the RobCo Fun magazine which adds Grognak the Barbarian Holotape inventory. Then head upstairs and climb to the next room where you will see Irma’s terminal know more about Amari’s clients.

Talk to Nick

Once you have looted all the supplies from Amari’s office go and have a word with Nick about Kellogg and how to engage and tackle the Glowing Sea. Now ask Nick to join you for this adventure(optional) and let’s get going by ending up the conversation. Exit the Memory Den and back to the streets and check the Pip-Boy where you’ll notice the Glowing Sea is far off from your distance. Get ready to travel a long distance and deal with radioactive perils.

With Medicine, we are ready after looting Amari’s office, but now you need a Power suit like the Hazmat suit which can be acquired at the Dimond city Market, west of Power Noodles bar is The Fallon. Enter the building and talk to the women behind the counter then open the barter option and scroll down until you see the hazmat suit which has a 1000 radiation damage resistance. Once you have done purchasing leave the Store and fast travel to Fort Hagen.

As you reach the destination, keep moving on the road to the south. Make use of your Mini-map or Objective marker to know where exactly you are moving. On your way, you have to deal with few hostiles and eventually you will come across the remains of Mass Pike Interchange. Take a left and keep moving until you come across a lake, now keep left with water on the right and keep following the marker. Later you’ll encounter Mass Fusion Disposal Site which is the Glowing Pool of water, so stay focused and continue moving with your hazmat suit.

Now you’ll reach a section where the radiation effect will start and your suit cannot protect your 100% as you’ll take a minimal damage as well. Here you need to keep the focus on the marker and continue moving until you reach your destination safely. You should have reached the Crater of Atom by now.

Discovered Crator of Atom

As you reach, keep moving south and climb the walkway until you reach women there. Interact with her and ask where to find Virgil. She will guide you to find Virgil at The South-west location in a cave. Now go and make your way to reaching the top of the hill, but make sure your objective marker is properly set to the Main Quest Mission to avoid unnecessary tricky changes.

From here just keep walking straight and avoid all the nasty critters and then you will encounter Virgil’s Cave tucked between two rocks. Head inside and keep following the narrow passage and ignore the broken turret on the left. Now that Virgil is been spotted, you need to initiate the conversation with him. First and foremost inform him about Kellogg’s death and then ask him, why he left the Institute and later tell him the information you need for locating your son – Shaun.

Once you agree to find Serum after infiltrating the Institute and reveal the Synth’s transportation abilities are confirmed. Ask him why he needs to kill one of them and in return he will explain how the chip from Synth’s molecular relay works. So take your objectives carefully by directing to the ruins of CIT. Now that the conversation is over the Main Quest part 7 comes to an end.