Fallout 4: The Railroad – Operation Ticonderoga, Precipice of War and Rockets’ Red Glare

Desdemona has few Essential Quest remaining before she decides to take over the wasteland and govern the Railroad’s rule. This Fallout Faction Quest walkthrough provide you detail on how to complete the Operation Ticonderoga, Precipice of War and Rockets’ Red Glare.

Fallout 4

Operation Ticonderoga

Before you begin with the Precipice of War, you need to finish off all the Coursers from the Ticonderoga Safehouse.


  • Kill all Coursers


This Quest will be triggered just after the Main Story Quest ‘Institutionalized’ where Desdemona will ask you to head towards the Ticonderoga Safehouse. and eliminate all the Coursers from the Institute. As the Location to the Safehouse is not marked on the Map you can head towards the south of Monsignor Plaza in the Cambridge Neighborhood to find it.

You don’t need to get into this long fight, all you can do is eliminate the two Coursers which also includes the leader X9-27 and then escape the area. Head back to Desdemona and Inform her about the Mission Success thus ending the quest and start of the Precipice of War quest.

Precipice of War

Here you need to show your Loyalty towards the Railroad and help them saving the Railroad Head Quater and Take the Brotherhood of Steel Forces Down forever.


  • Defend Railroad HQ
  • Secure the catacombs
  • Eliminate Brotherhood forces
  • Defend the Vertibird


You Headquarter Old North Church is in a big trouble and you need to defend it from the Brotherhood forces. Get ready for one of the Toughest battle in Fallout 4. With the start of First, way try escaping the area via a tunnel and for the second wave simply speak with Glory to get through the Catacombs towards the Main hall along with fighting the Brotherhood Forces.

Once you have successfully defended against the Brotherhood of Steel Enemies, it’s time to take them down at their base Cambridge Police Station. First talk to Tinker Tom at the station and then take cover on the roof, then defend the Vertibird with Tinker Tom. Try taking the air forces first then wipe up the ground once. Later Decon will come to us with Glory, thus ending the Quest and you are rewarded with Plasma Gun, Pulse Grenade, and Plasma Grenade.

Rockets’ Red Glare

With this Mission, We will bring the Brotherhood of Steel to an End. You must plant 3 explosives at their Leader’s Location in order to finish them once and for all.


  • Plant 3 explosives
  • Escape The Prydwen


Now that the Cambridge Police Station is safe, Tom will attempt to pilot the ship to the Prydwen join him and once you reached the Brotherhood will allow you to move freely in their area. You can either plan the explosive there, but this will turn into a very ugly firefight or you can use the Pip-Boy and locate where to plant this Explosives.

At the End, you will be dealing the a firefight with the Brotherhood of Steel so get ready because this fight is going to be very lengthy. Once you have eliminated all the foes, return back to the Railroad and speak with Desdemona thus ending the Final Essential Quest with Railroad and beginning of Act 3: The Nuclear Option The Railroad. you will also be awarded the Railway Rifle Mod from Desdemona.