Fallout 4 Ultimate Tips and Tricks Guide: How to Earn Easy XP, Perks, and Crafting

 Fallout 4 Ultimate Tips and Tricks Guide: How to Earn Easy XP, Perks, and Crafting

We have noticed a lot of players are confused with the Game mechanics and the startup on how to Set the Basic SPECIAL stat and what all to do before you set out for your Main Quest. This Fallout 4 Ultimate tips, tricks and Cheats Guide will help you with everything you need to know in the First hour of the Game.

Fallout 4

Top 12 Thing To do After Leaving the Vault

  1. Just before you setup you main character you must know the fact that except Perception rest all the SPECIAL Bobblehead are difficult to obtain if you are not level 15 and above.
  2. You must Utilize the Settlement development as it will be one of the crucial parts of the game and you need to use it time and gain. So it’s better to master it and learn it asap(Especially for Character with High Charisma).
  3. To Grab one extra stat point, you need to head to the nursery in your old house and use the SPECIAL book.
  4. If you Head Directly to Concord then there is a very chance of you getting an extra Perception Bobblehead along with you first Power Armor Set.
  5. If you want to increase your Vat Accuracy then the only way to do it is via Perception Stats. No other perks you gain can help you increase the Vat Accuracy.
  6. Why we want you to focus on Vat is because the Critical Hits are now been tied directly into the Vats in Fallout 4.
  7. In Fallout 4 the level of damage that Radiation and rad poisoning takes is far more than the previous game. The Rad Poisoning will take away your max health unless you heal it. Steam will add 40 points of rad.
  8. Speech check is mainly focused on your Charisma Stat from the flat out to minor perk modifiers.
  9. In order to Help you Craft and Build the Armor Suit, you must have an Expert Amor Crafting and Science perks.
  10. The Mostly dangerous and scary part is that if you leave your Armor in an undefended area then it can be stolen by your enemies and thus making it very difficult to loot it back.
  11. The Good part is the if your Armor is stolen then also you have multiple Power Armor Frames in the Game so you can collect and build it any point of time.
  12. If you want to the Dogmeat as an active companion then you must use the Perk Lone Wanderer to make it happen.

Top Perks for Handy Work


Required: Luck 2

Helps you get increased and much higher chance of holding the ammo. In fallout 4, the guns can easily run out of ammo, but with this Perk you have chances to survive the Lengthy battle.


Required: Perception 4

We recommend getting Lockpick as your second choice as there are many safes in different area like Sanctuary, Concord etc which will provide you with different collectible and items.


Required: Intelligence 4

Must take this to level 5 to unlock every level available.


Required: Intelligence 5

Helps you get gears and screws from the guns which break down, You can get easy items rather than hunting for it.

Armor Modification

Required: Strength 3

You must be upgraded along with your armor and Weapon.


Required: Endurance 5

The water in the game carries the radiation very fast so it can either it kill you or take away your rad away supplies. This perk is a very important in the aspect of life so you must upgrade it even before the weapons skills.

Town leader

Required: Charisma 6

Helps you let your settlements pool their supplies.

Top Perks for Crafting

Armor Modding: Keep your Armor Up-to-date

Science: Helps you use Energy Weapons or Power Armor(Level 2)

Gun Nut: Helps you Boost higher than 2 for Non-Energy Weapons(Level 2)

Blacksmith: Helps you to modify the Arms Pieces of Power Armor

What Special Stats to set from the Start

We are going to start the game with a medium pace as we know that the Perception and 1 stat Point are the two extra point we would be getting from the Start thus we need to maintain the rest of the Stats.

  • Strength 3
  • Perception 4
  • Endurance 5
  • Charisma 6
  • Intelligence 5
  • Agility X – No required perks
  • Luck 2

Every player has a different gaming style so you can adjust it yourself, we have shared this for the beginners so that they avoid making the game messy from the start and set off exploration or certain quests and loot.

How to Earn Easy XP

We all know the Experience(XP) can be gained by doing a number of activities, but it’s important to know which activity provides you the most. After playing the gaming for a good amount of time, we noticed that the Expensive Crafting can provide you a high number of eXP.

For the Easy and very quick XP you can try Cooking the rad roach meat, stag meat, mole meat to obtain 1 XP. Grilled Rad Stag helps you gain 120HP heal and +25lb carry weight limit. Along with exp, you can also earn some caps if you try to sell the cooked meat and earn 20-200 caps each.

Try to level up twice with cooking and chems before you reach level 15. You can prepare chems Psycho Jet and Buffets as they are easy to make and useful during the fights.

By running the power lines between poles and items will help you obtain easy exp.

How to Start the Game After Leaving the Vault

Once you get out of the Vault 111, the first thing you do is meet Codsworth and start his mini quest to know more about the Concord, but before you talk to him go straight and grab the SPECIAL book from your Children’s room. Then head to the Workshop bench to activate and unlock the settlement workshop building. While cleaning up the Ruined items, simply clear out the useless clutter which will lower the town’s happiness and avoid deleting the couched tables/chairs etc as these help with the Town’s happiness.

Move all the Crafting stations and clean the fallen tables, couches etc. This will help you gain the basic crafting materials. Place 12 beds, 2 water pumps and to get the head start plant 2 melons and a gourd in the town. You can also drop a few turrets near the bridge for the security purpose/rating. In the last house where Codsworth takes, you will find a .38 Caliber Pipe Pistol which you can upgrade it into a rifle. Now you are ready to escort the Concord Group to Sanctuary.

Perform the same at the Rocket Gas Station by cleaning the junk and collecting it for crafting purpose. Now have a look under the Gas Station and you will find some hidden caves with Fusion Cores and Rank 1 safe. This activity is time-consuming, but it will definitely provide you with an Easy exp from the very start of the Game.