Fallout 4: War Never Changes – Vault 111, Decontamination Pod, SPECIAL Stats

 Fallout 4: War Never Changes – Vault 111, Decontamination Pod, SPECIAL Stats

Fallout 4 will begin with the player creation where you get the chance to customize your character by choosing to play as Male or Female also open up the secret why you need to head towards the Vault 111 in this Fallout 4 Walkthrough Guide Part 1.

Fallout 4

Now it’s all up to you how you want to make your Fallout 4 character look like and their SPECIAL stats as well. Every Player has its own requirements, but if you need help with the SPECIAL stats we can help you with that part in your SPECIAL Stat Guide. So Let’s begin with your Walkthrough.

Once you begin with the Character customization you should always focus on what you really need for long run of the game. This includes the Character’s SEX(Male/Female), Facial structure, adding some scars and few blemishes. If you think you’ve messed up with your character then you will have one last chance to alter your character before you set out for the missions.

After you are done with the character customization now you have to get familiar with the objects and the environment of your house. Interact, learn and understand the new game mechanics how do they work? also, play around with your child and Codsworth. Make sure you don’t miss out the Sugar Bombs from the table, and the Nuka Cola which is in the refrigerator.

Later a Man from Vault-Tec will ring the Doorbell, go and answer him with his questioners. Once you agree to sign-up for the Vault 111 he will ask you to for the basic details(SPECIAL Stats) you need to adjust. We mainly focus on the Strength, Perception, Intelligence and Agility for a good startup, but its all up to you how you want to adjust your SPECIAL stats.

Now after you’ve dealt with the Vault-Tec guy, Codsworth will inform you that the little Shaun is crying so go and settle the baby by playing with him or spinning the crib mobile. Suddenly Codsworth will inform you about the Nuclear Explosions in New York and other you need to hurry towards the vault. Get out of the House and take Right, keep following the crowd as they too are running towards the vault.

Run over the Wooden plank and keep moving towards the Vault 111, also check the bottom indicator to follow the right path. Once you reach Entry gate of the Vault the soldiers will inquire you about your personal info and then allow you and your family to head towards the Vault. Now you’re inside the Vault 111 and go follow the rest of the Vault members, collect the Vault 111 Jumpsuit, follow the Vault-Tec doctor till the Decontamination Pod and head inside the Pod. A cutscene will Trigger and here is the End of the First part of the Fallout 4 Walkthrough.