Fallout 4: Where to find All Loot and Collectibles Ultimate Location Guide

 Fallout 4: Where to find All Loot and Collectibles Ultimate Location Guide

There are various different collectible hidden there in Fallout 4 wasteland and it’s up to the player how he manages to obtain them. To make this easy we decide to gather all the location for every collectible and draw them at one place. This Fallout 4 Location Guide will show you each and every collectible’s exact location and how to get them.

Where to find All Loot

Every Piece of Loot in Fallout’s post-apocalyptic version of Boston that is the wasteland can now be located at one place. The Below Maps will show you the locations for:

  • Unique Weapons
  • Fusion Cores
  • Power Armor
  • Nuka-Cola
  • Perk Magazines
  • Bobbleheads
  • Holotapes
  • Mini Nukes

So without any further ado, let’s begin with the Loot. Here is the overall view of all the Loot in Wasteland and summary:

fallout-4-allcollectible-2.jpg fallout-4-allcollectible-1.jpg

Where to find All Loot and Collectibles


Bobbleheads grant specific bonuses, such as improving one of your skills or adding points to your S.P.E.C.I.A.L skills.


Fusion Cores:

Fusion cores are used to power and activate pre-War suits of power armor.



A Holotape is a durable laser-readable storage device used for storing their information safely for extended periods of time.



Magazines are unique collectibles that offer special perks that can enhance a player’s existing skills.


Mini Nukes:

The mini nuke is a football-sized tactical nuclear warhead designed for use in a nuclear catapult weapon



Nuka-Cola is a consumable.


Power Armor:

Power armor is a set of Armor which is always attached to an armor frame.



Settlements are the various sites where you can manage and build the area for the Survivors.


Unique Weapons:



A Vault is a type fallout shelter developed by Vault-Tec.


These were all the collectibles you need to take care off. If you have anything to add then do let us know in the comments below.