Fallout 4: Where to find Guns and Bullets Magazines Location Guide

 Fallout 4: Where to find Guns and Bullets Magazines Location Guide

In Fallout 4 there are 10 Guns and Bullets Magazines in total. You must find all ten in order to unlock and increase the critical damage. This Magazine not only provides an increase in damage but also makes ballistic weapons do +5% critical damage bonus. This Fallout 4 Guide will show you the exact location for each and every Guns and Bullets Magazine in the wasteland.

Where to find Guns and Bullets Magazines

The Guns and Bullets Magazines are the magazines devoted to the practical use of firearms, and the occasionally biased review. Once you collect any of these Guns and Bullets Magazine, these perks will add up and increase your weapons power which in return will do +5% extra damage. There are Ten types of Guns and Bullets Magazine issue in Wasteland:

Lasers & Hunting: Acceptable Overkill

Location: Fort Hagen

Head on the Top Floor and check On the oval table in the kitchen area, southeast area.

Avoid those Pesky Gun Laws!

Location: Rook family house

Inside Barney’s bunker, on a metal desk near the lantern and filing cabinet.

Take Aim, Army Style

Location: South Boston military checkpoint

On a metal desk, east wall.

Street Guns of Detroit

Location: Gunners plaza

Top floor lounge, in the table surrounded by sofas, south mezzanine offices.

The Moon: A Communist Doomsday Device?

Location: Quincy ruins

in the Gunners camp, check the desk with a terminal, between the two big-rig trailers.

“Bear Proofing Your Campsite:…”

Location: Cambridge police station

Inside the locked safe of the station chief’s office(Available only after Brotherhood reinforcements arrive at the station).

“Little Guns For Little Ladies”

Location: Fraternal Post 115

On the lectern in the stage area, by the American flag and sandbags.

“Guide to hunting Commies!”

Location: Ticonderoga Safehouse

On the desk of the corner office, northwest corner, top floor.

The Future of Hunting?

Location: BADTFL regional office

On a desk in the chief’s office, bullpen room in the western part of the building.

Plasma – The Weapon of Tomorrow

Location: The Castle

On the radio operator’s desk, in the middle of the Castle grounds, outside.