Fallout 4: Where to find Massachusetts Surgical Journals Location Guide

 Fallout 4: Where to find Massachusetts Surgical Journals Location Guide

There are 9 Massachusetts Surgical Journals issues in Fallout 4 which you must track down. You must have all nine in order to unlock the perk and get some kind of unique bonus. This Fallout 4 Guide will show you the exact location for each and every Massachusetts Surgical Journals in the wasteland.

Where to find Massachusetts Surgical Journals

The Massachusetts Surgical perk can be unlocked collecting all the Massachusetts Surgical Journals. Each perk you collect will unlock Permanently Inflict 2% More Limb Damage. Here are all the nine Massachusetts Surgical Journals locations and what do they unlock.

Let’s Play Doctor!

Location: Parsons State Insane Asylum

Inside Lorenzo’s living quarters, at the very bottom floor of the facility.

ER Nurses Confess All

Location: Medford Memorial hospital

In the filing and storage room.

Raised by Robots

Location: Med-Tek research

Right of the large central laboratory table on the corner of a smaller table with a broken terminal.

Cryo Technology: Haven or Tomb!

Location: Greater Mass blood clinic

In the analyst’s room, on the desk.

Happy Sedation Special

Location: Sandy Coves Convalescent Home

Behind the security door.

Scars Are Cool

Location: Cambridge polymer labs

On the desk inside the Director’s office.

Pay Now, Get Better Later!!

Location: Greenetech Genetics

On the table between the two red sofas and dark carpet.

Finding Your Funny Bone

Location: Boston Public Library

In the Overdue book vending machine.

Better Living Through Chems

Location: Cabot House

Top floor bedroom, east side, on the wooden desk.