Fallout 4: Where to find Tesla Science Magazine Location Guide

 Fallout 4: Where to find Tesla Science Magazine Location Guide

There are 9 Tesla Science Magazine issues in Fallout 4 which you must track down. You must have all nine in order to unlock the perk and get some kind of unique bonus. This Fallout 4 Guide will show you the exact location for each and every Tesla Science Magazine in the wasteland.

Where to find Tesla Science Magazine

The Tesla Science perk can be unlocked collecting all the Tesla Science Magazine. Each perk you collect will make your energy weapons inflict +5% critical damage. Here are all the Nine Tesla Science Magazine locations.

Will Robots Rule the World?

Location: ArcJet Systems

In the CEO’s office on the second floor.

Tomorrow’s technology for today’s Super Soldiers

Location: Mahkra Fishpacking

Lowest floor filleting room, on a small table, north-west corner.

Future of Warfare?

Location: Reeb Marina

On the wooden bench in the kitchen of the warehouse.

Rocket Science for Toddlers

Location: Rocky cave

In Virgil’s Laboratory on a broken fridge, just left of the terminal.

10 Number 1 Hits!!!

Location: Poseidon Energy

On the metal desk with the Bobblehead near the steamer trunk.

U.S. Army Goes To Space

Location: HalluciGen, Inc.

The first floor, in the Weaponization Research lab.

Giant Super Weapons

Location: Mass Fusion building

On the computer bank, southeast mezzanine room.

What is Plasma, Anyway?

Location: General Atomics factory

On a metal desk against the east wall, directly above the entrance lobby.

Geckos and Gamma Radiation

Location: University Point

Northeast corner on a small table on the Top Floor and you can access via the open curtains.