Fallout 4: Where to find the Gamma Gun Location Guide

 Fallout 4: Where to find the Gamma Gun Location Guide

Fallout 4

One of the crude weapons in Fallout 4 and this gun comes under Radiation Weapons type. Once you Grab one of this deadly weapon you can manage to control the Humans as the power of this weapon is very high. This Fallout 4 Location Guide will help you find the Gamma Gun in the game with no sweat.

Where to find the Gamma Gun Location

Gamma Fun a semi-automatic one handed pistol that fires deadly radiation in waves. The Only issue with this Gun is that it can only be used on humans and not on the wasteland creatures as they are already immune to the Radiations. So this gun has not much effect on ghouls, super mutants, robots as they can resist these radiation waves.


Gamma Gun Stats:

  • Damage: 114 Radiation Damage
  • Fire Rate: 66
  • Range: 149
  • Accuracy: 69
  • Weight: 3.0
  • Value: 156

Where to Find the Gamma Gun

In order to find Gamma Gun, you need to head inside the old “dome” in The Glowing Sea. You will encounter a Deathclaw near the Corpse and the Gun is just next to the Corpse. Go Grab it and have Fun. Check out the Map location if you have any issue.