Fallout 4: Where to find Tumblers Today Magazines Location Guide

 Fallout 4: Where to find Tumblers Today Magazines Location Guide

In Fallout 4 there are 5 Tumblers Today Magazines issues in total. You must find all five in order to unlock the bonus. Collecting these Magazine/Comics will provide the sole survivor will some kind of unique bonus. This Fallout 4 Guide will show you the exact location for each and every Tumblers Today Magazines in the wasteland.

Where to find Tumblers Today Magazines

The Tumblers Today perk can be unlocked collecting all the Tumblers Today Magazines. Every time you collect this unique perk it makes your lockpicking easier. There are 5 types of Tumblers Today Magazines issue in Wasteland:

Mysteries of Master Key Exposed!

Location: Poseidon Energy Turbine 18-F

On a metal shelf in the metal control room, near the steamer trunk.

Bobby Pins – More Effective Than Lockpicks?

Location: Easy City downs

On the side chest in the commentator’s area.

Confessions of a Housebreaker

Location: Fens street sewer

Next to the holotape on the metal drawers, inside the “cell” area of the sewers.

Open Any Lock in 5 Seconds Flat

Location: West Roxbury stationRoxbury station

In the open locker, next to the wall button.

Locksmith Certification Special – Pass With Flying Colors

Location: Malden center

Inside one of the red cargo carriages at the station, in the Raider camp at the deepest part of this location.