Fallout Shelter Beginners Guide

Fallout Shelter is a mobile game where the users create and manage the vaults as a pit boss. The Fallout shelter was earlier released for iPad and iPhone, but now on 13 August it is also released for Android platforms.

Fallout Shelter

What is the Objective in Fallout Shelter?

You need to create and expand your vaults by gathering resources and knowledge and create a booming community. The inhabitants in the vaults are called the dwellers and each dweller has its own special stat similar to the Fallout. The Dwellers stat can rise above 10 so you need to equip them accordingly. Following are the Stat the dwellers may have.

  • Strength (S) – active S is a specialist in Power
  • Perception (P) – active P is a specialist in Production
  • Charisma (C) – active C is a specialist in Breeding and can work in radio station
  • Endurance (E) – active E is a specialist in Exploring and capable of making a Nuke Cola at the end of the game.(Mostly belongs to Wasteland Wanders)
  • Agility (A) – active A is a specialist in Carrying Food(Mostly belongs to the cafeteria).
  • Intelligence (I) – active I is a specialist in Research(Mostly belongs to Science Center)
  • Luck (L) – active L is a specialist in chances to getting Caps.Mostly helps in exploring the resource).

How to survive?

Your dwellers are not safe all the time as you might get raided by rad roach attackers. Always stims in productions as they can heal them faster. Your dwellers can also be affected by the radiation as it always seeps in and damages everything. To avoid the effect the radiation you need to keep your water production constant, if not then keep a Radaway to go. Use Radaway only when you are short of stims as these might not heal the dwellers faster, but slows the radiation effect. While in radiation if you want to heal the dweller you can try leveling them up.

How to Prioritize?

To make your dwellers happy and to survive for long you should know what is important. The highest Priority should be the Power to run all the rooms. The Power Station must have more of S dwellers. After Power next is Water to keep the radiation away. Food and water have equal(very close) so you might not give food as more priority.

Hope This guide was helpful. Any doubts you can always shoot them below in comments. 😀