Fallout Shelter Guide On How To Use Rooms

Fallout Shelter is all about managing the dwellers and resources properly. You should have a complete knowledge about the Special stats or each dweller and the rooms used by them. Here is the complete Guide for the rooms in Fallout Shelter.

Fallout Shelter

There are 6 categories which define each room and their ability. Three rooms of a similar type can be merged and it will be upgraded three times. Same as the dwellers the rooms also have a specific purpose. Let’s get started with the Room categories.

Capacity Rooms:

Living Quarters – Charisma

AT Grant’s additional max population. Allows for breeding

Storage Room – Endurance

Increases storage capacity for weapons and outfits not in use

Crafting Rooms:

Weapon Workshop

Crafting Weapons

Outfit Workshop

Crafting outfits

Misc Rooms:

Vault Door

People with higher strength can be put here to defend against the attacks.


Allows movement between floors and vertical expansion of the Vault


Allows customization to Dwellers’ hair and facial hair

Production Rooms:

Power Generator and Nuclear Reactor

Power Generator is the main room until nuclear reactor produces Power.

Diner and Garden

Diner is the main room until Garden produces Food.

Water Treatment and water Purification

Water Treatment is the main room until water Purification produces Water.

Nuka-Cola Bottler

The combination of food and water producer and the main stat is Endurance(E). You should keep a normal water production beside this to keep the radiation away


Mainly produces Stimpaks

Science Lab

Used to Produce Rad-X

Radio Studio

Attracts Dwellers to the Vault from the Wasteland

Training Rooms:

Maximum dwellers should be put in the training room to speed up their training. Upgrading the rooms will help the speed the training. Like for eg. section one can have 2 dwellers max same way with section 2 is four dwellers and section 3 will have 6 dwellers max. Each room has its own stat. Let’s have an overview below.

  • Strength: Weight Room
  • Perception: Armory
  • Endurance: Fitness Room
  • Charisma: Lounge
  • Intelligence: Classroom
  • Agility: Athletics Room
  • Luck: Game Room

Overseer’s Office:

Makes Quests available for out-of-Vault exploration

Hope this works properly for you all. If you have any doubts you can shoot them below in the comments section. Enjoy 🙂