Fallout Shelter Tips and Cheats For New Android Player

Out of all the curiosity Bethesda finally released Fallout Shelter for Android platform on 13th August 2015. Trust me, I’ve have noticed many people confused on how to play even after the in-game tutorial. Too bad that some people delete the game as they find it hard to gel up with the gameplay. To solve this issue here is the complete guide for Fallout Shelter Android Players.

Fallout Shelter

The Start:

As you start the game the tutorial will explain you the basics. If your are lucky then you might get a legendary weapon or a dweller in the start loot of your Lunchboxes and trust me they will make your game much easier. You have objectives to complete which will award you more lunchboxes. You may also spend money, if you think you are really unlucky at the beginning, but honestly this will spoil the fun of the actual game. To play with a good strategy from the start, this is all what you want to know.

Tips on How to fight the Raiders and Deathclaws in Fallout Shelter:

  • To Defend your Room from Raiders and Deathclaws, you must have a well-armed defender in the room. He can easily defend your room. For the later part, you must be prepared for an advanced defense base.
  • Avoid placing two dwellers with a low level in the same room. At least one should have a good defense capability to defend the room from raiders.
  • Placing a gym next to the living will help to ignore the raiders for a while you can place the dweller to other room.

Tips on How to fight the Radroaches in Fallout Shelter:

  • Radroaches mostly appear in Big rooms. You should be prepared when they arrive by keeping every dweller in the vault armed with weapons(except the pregnant or recovering dweller). Keep a practice to build a room and upgrade it regularly.
  • Do not build the rooms until you really need them. The Radroaches scan the average level of your dwellers in the room and then attack. You can improve your dwellers health through training and wasteland exploring.
  • The more the dweller gains XP the more he gets stronger. If in case you have to face a radaroach who’s power is invincible then do not attempt to fight just go move your dwellers to a different room. These Radroaches with higher XP have no weak point so it’s better to back out rather than losing a dweller.

Tips on How to fight the Molerats in Fallout Shelter:

  • Maintain you vault’s population below 30 until you grow your dwellers level and arm them with weapons with damage is +2.
  • Avoid bordering rooms with the unoccupied one even if you want to move to demolish it. At least place one dweller in the center room.

Tips on How to manage the dweller in Fallout Shelter:

  • If you have very weak dweller in your vault then he is of no use. Seriously, you can kill them whose SPECIAL stat is very poor and will take too much time to train them. If you don’t want to kill them then send them to the wasteland so at least they grab some good XP when they return.
  • If you have dwellers with strong(level 3+) SPECIAL stat then make them breed. The breeding of two strong SPECIAL stat will result in a baby with a good stat.
  • If you have a population of 50 then we recommend using 6 dwellers in two power plants, 5 in cafeteria and 5 in Water purification. build 2 wide training rooms for Strength, Endurance, Agility and Perception. For Int and Luck are basics for all dwellers so 1 wide room will work.
  • If you have a dweller who is currently ain’t working or in training then send them to wasteland as they can gather much higher XP outside the vault. Try sending them well equipped and also provide them with stimpacks(not much in use) for at least 8 to 10+ hours. They will get you something in return trust me.
  • Some dwellers gain more XP working then exploring so choose it wisely.
  • Avoid more than one pregnant women of every production facility, starving of children after they are born and also avoid making babies when you’re totally out of food and water in your vault.

Tips on how to use the Training Room:

  • Your dwellers do not gain experience when they are in training. This mean they will be working hard in rooms but total waste in the Fights if you train them at level 1.
  • If you pull out some dwellers from the training room during their training then they do not lose the training time it will be same as you put them back.
  • Training your dwellers is really very efficient as a dweller with strength 6 as good as 4 dwellers with strength 3. This improves the food efficiency as well.
  • The maximum training time will not be reduced the wait for the dweller who are already below the time during the upgrade of a room.

Tips on How to To Use Rooms in Fallout Shelter:

Tips on How to earn more Caps in Fallout Shelter:

Tips on How to backup or transfer your Fallout Shelter save game between devices:

Tips on How to reduce the Radiation Damage(Red health) in Fallout Shelter:

Tips on How to bring more dwellers in Fallout Shelter:

If you think you have not done good so far you can start with a new vault. Still if you have any doubts you can shoot them below in comments.