The False Oracle Walkthrough – Assassin’s Creed Origins

In the previous part i.e. Main Quest The Oasis, we found that Bayek is on a mission to take down the ruler Pharaoh but before that he had to assassinate four members of Order of the Ancients. The game has an XP earning system that levels up the character, and each new Main Quest has a requirement Level. The False Oracle requires Level 5, which you can achieve by playing various side quests. In this part, Bayek will be locating his next target Medunamun, who is heavily guarded.

The False Oracle Walkthrough - Assassin's Creed Origins

Main Quest – The False Oracle Walkthrough: Reward 1250XP

From the Quests Menu Track the question to begin, according to our previous chapter you would have gained Level 5, so it will be easier for you to kill enemies ahead. As you track the quest you will see the marker that will lead you to Medunamun – The IBIS, one of the 4 targets Bayek has to kill before reaching the Pharaoh.

Find and Kill Medunamun The IBIS


You can use Siwa Fast Travel Point, to reach nearest to the target. The target is in a massive castle, use the Senu Eagle Vision to survey the area. As the place is heavily guarded it will be complicated to locate and kill Medunamun if you enter blindly. The best way is to peek through the rocks on the right of the castle. As you are near to the castle wall, use the Eagle to mark down all the guards in the area, take your time, as the place is pretty huge, you have to fly around the castle, if you go low, then soldiers will attack you with arrows, so stay at a height. Through Eagle view you can also mark the target Medunamun, he is somewhere near the pool, and without going down and fighting him you can kill him with an arrow.


You can climb on the castle walls on the extreme right and hide there for a while, use the bow and arrow to kill the soldiers one by one, but stay out of the sight so that soldiers won’t spot you and run towards you. An Ability Headshot XP is really helpful here, you can stay in a high area and kill the soldiers one by one and on the same side fill your XP bar. Once you kill the target go near him and Confirm Kill. This will trigger a cutscene.

Bring Hemu to the ibex pack


The game goes in a flashback and a new objective appears where you have to take the two kids towards the target and you have to kill the ibex-pack leader. Once done, return to the temple of Amun and this will trigger a next cut scene.

Confront the soldiers

Follow the soldier inside the cave, you will have to fight them now, instead of bashing into them, stay at the entrance anyhow you will be losing this fight. Next, follow the masked man, and it will trigger another cutscene. This cutscene will show the 5 Members of Ancient Orders whom Bayek is hunting down. At the end of the cutscene, this chapter is completed and you will earn enough XP to level up with an ability point. This also unlocks next main quest. In the inventory, you can check a new item Oracle’s Relic.

This ends The False Oracle, you can read our walkthrough on the next Main Quest Meet Aya And Assassinate Gennadios And Snake, or read our Assassin’s Creed Origins wiki guide for more updates and guides on the game.