Far Cry Primal Ending Walkthrough Part 16 – Udam Homeland, Kill Boss Ull and Izila Homeland, Kill Batari

 Far Cry Primal Ending Walkthrough Part 16 – Udam Homeland, Kill Boss Ull and Izila Homeland, Kill Batari

Far Cry Primal Ending Walkthrough is here where we finally get our hands on Udam’s Leader Ull. We must Finish him off and Gain control over Udam by killing the Ull and claiming the Bonfire. let’s see how we can complete the one of the Most Toughest Leader in Far Cry Primal after Batari(Izila leader).

Udam Homeland, Kill Boss Ull and Izila Homeland, Kill Batari

Udam Homeland

The Udam Homeland is very strong and you need to be prepared before you attack head on to the Leader Ull. You need to get the Antidote first to help you from the Poison Rot Fumes. Make sure you have your skills upgraded to max then head to the Marked location to begin with the quest.

Cross through Udam Canyons

Now that you have decided to take the Udams you must have the Antidote ready to cross the Udam Canyons as it will be filled with post rotten fumes. Get to the marked location here you need one of your best and powerful Tamed Beast to help you out. Try to keep to it simple without alarming anyone.


You need to be using every tactic in this mission as you have entered the Udam’s Homeground. Let’s finish them off once and for all. Use your Beast to distract them and get your easy kills.


Reach Udam Bonfire and Claim it for Wenja

As we have seen in the vision the Udam fears Flams and thus we are going to capture the Udam Bonfire to claim it yours. Go ahead and follow the marker. Once you get inside the yellow marker you must kill all the Udam in order to claim the Bonfire.


Reach Ull’s Cave

Now that we have conquered the Udam’s land its time to take care of the Leader Ull. Head straight to his cave by killing all the Udam standing in your way. Once you get inside the cave start searching for Ull. He is deep inside the cave so keep following the marker.


Kill Ull

Now that you have finally got your chance to kill him take full advantage and Destroy him. Use the hanging ice shards to hurt and stun him. You can get an easy kill unlike other Boss fights, but he has a good health which you must be very well aware off. Once you kill him, he will hand over his child to you and ask you to protect him and thus completing the mission and the Walkthrough The Death of Ull – Udams. Return to your Village and Celebrate with your Wenja Family on the Death of Ull.

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Izila Homeland

The Izila Homeland or the Temple can only be breached by the power of Mammoth and only Tensay can help to discover the true power behind the Krati Mask to Rule and defeat the Izila. Go Ahead and first complete updating everyone hut to unlock the skills then go ahead to the marked location and start the Quest.

Invade Izila Homeland

Ride a Mammoth to smash through the gates or you can also try with your Bloodfang Sabretooth to do it. Before you get inside you must use your owl and try to take down the close enemies first. Get inside and kill the remaining enemies, head to the marked location and free our Wenja Brother.


Free Wenja to Help Attack Batari’s Temple

Now head to the two marked location to free another fellow Wenjas and let them join you to fight against Batari and her Men. These three locations are heavily guarded to mak sure you use your beast to clear off the village, Training ground, and the Altar Suxli.

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Meet Wenja Outside Batari Temple

Once you have free the Wenjas from the Batari’s rule they will stand and fight against all the pain Izila has given to them. Go to the Marked location and help Wenja to create the Bridge to get inside the temple and till then you must hold the Izila guards and protect them.


Storm Batari’s Temple

Get inside the temple and every Izila will start running from you as they see you wearing the Krati mask. No one will hunt you so either you can kill them or simply head to the location. Once you get there Batari will attack you and destroy the Mask then run away to the other side.


Kill Batari

She is very easy to kill with the Spears. You must have a couple of them and you will also find it on the ground. First head towards the left and free the Beast inside the cage which will distract the Izila troops. Then take cover and start targeting Four Stone where she will take cover(use hunter vision). At every interval, the Izila troops will attack you so keep a good check on the Mini-map.

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Once you have to Take 80% of her health she will come outside the Door and now you must take her head on and use your Beast to help you with the Fight. After defeating her cutscene will start where you throw her into the Fire and the Sun Daughter Die into Ashes.

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The Ending

Return to your Village and Update your Wenja Family to Celebrate taking the Oros back Wenjas. Go and Meet Roshani to make him commander of the remaining Izila Field and guide them well with the seeds. Thus Completing the Game Far Cry Primal we hope you like the game and do check our Far Cry Primal Wiki page for anything related to the Game.