Far Cry Primal: How to Complete the Beast Master Hunt Quests

 Far Cry Primal: How to Complete the Beast Master Hunt Quests

Far Cry Primal will set the game in Stone Age around 10000 BCE where the death for the humans comes swiftly and often. You take control of the Ultimate Wenja Warrior and become the Beast Master in order to control the Wild Beast and use them to fight against the enemies, but First you must claim your Title and get hold of these Beast. This Guide will show you the tips and trick on how to complete the Beast Master Quest in Far Cry Primal.

How to Complete the Beast Master Hunt Quests

As You progress in the game you will be asked to gather Wenja Villagers and bring them back to Sayla’s shelter to build Home for Wenja tribe. You will come across various personalities like Tensay and Jayma who will provide you with the quest and you can gain the skill to be the Beast Master. Bring them to your village and upgrade their huts to unlock more quests.

Once you manage to bring them to your Village, they will start providing you with different quests and one of them will be for the Beast Master Hunt. Start to complete the Epic hunt Quest to kill or tame them and with every quest, you must upgrade your skills, weapons, and tools in order to survive the high-level beast especially during the Night Time. You will have 4 Beast Master Quest where you will have the chance to Tame the Strongest Beast such as the Bloodfang Sabretooth, Snowblood Wolf, the Great Scar Bear and Wolf(First Vision).

How to Complete the Beast Master Hunt Quests

Great Scar Bear

  • Quest: Tame the Great Scar Bear
  • Location: Inside the Cave
  • Difficulty Level: Hard
  • Unlock: Big Teddy Trophy

This will come as a side quest bit later in the game as you progress in the game story. Once you start the Quest, start exploring the Cave and begin the Chase for the Scar Bear. This is an easy quest, where you need to explore the cave and investigate the for The Scars to locate the Bear. Start Looking for the Blood Trail to locate the Beast.

Once you finish the chase you will Craft a trap from the bear and do not forget to use one of your tamed beasts along to help you in this quest. Now you will see the Beast is been attacked by the Izila people and you need to kill them all injure the beast until you can tame him. Finally, you have your Beast Tamed.

Bloodfang Sabretooth

  • Quest: Tame the Bloodfang Sabretooth
  • Location: Atop of the Waterfall Near your Cave(Only During Night)
  • Difficulty Level: Hard
  • Unlock: Here Kitty Trophy

This quest will be a bit later as your progress in the game as you must have unlocked the majority of the items in your village by completing the missions and side quest. To get to this quest, you must have a Grappling Claw to pull yourself higher and get inside the cave. If you remember this beast he is the same animal who killed your hunting party at the very beginning of the game. So this is going to be difficult, let’s get control of these Beast now.

Try using the Cave Bear to assist you in this quest, and get going with the exploration of the cave. You must have good tracking skills in order to locate this beast, now continue chasing the blood trail and locate the beast. In order to tame them, you must defeat them first. You can use the Traps where you will see on the mini-map, then chase and hunt him down using the spear with ease. Thus Controlling the Bloodfang Sabretooth.

Snowblood Wolf

  • Quest: Tame the Snowblood Wolf Leader
  • Location: Snowblood Dire Wolf Beast Master Hunt Zone
  • Difficulty Level: Very Hard
  • Unlock: Good Boy Trophy

Before we start this Quest we want you to be equipped with all the arrows, Spears, and Club to save yourself if anything goes wrong. After accepting the quest you must head towards the marked location, but be careful and use your Hunter Vision to see nearby threats and locate the Izila group and 2 wolves. Take them down and continue following the blood trail which will take you to the water pond where you must again be ready to take some archers and wolves.

Find the Dead Izila Villager near the shore, find the clue and continue with the chase. Use your beast Tamed beast(Sabretooth) here to help you out with the other Beast. Once you get inside the Tomb of Teeth, you will see Dead Izila all your way to this Wolves, Kill the two Wolves first with the spears and then injure the main Wolf then it is easy to tame him. Finally, you have your own Snowblood Wolf. Do Checkout our Wiki Page for Far Cry Primal to now more about the collectibles and crafting.