Far Cry Primal Hunter Caches Guide: Here’s How It Works and Locations

 Far Cry Primal Hunter Caches Guide: Here’s How It Works and Locations

You wouldn’t say that, but Hunter Caches are pretty important in the Far Cry Primal gameplay. Those things include a lot of rare resources and items like animal skins and crafting material to use in your upgrades. Sadly, the game will display them just when you are at 5-10 meters away from them and you’ll also see them vanish from your map once you solve them.

Far Cry Primal

First, be sure that when you find them you study them and locate the scene nearby depicting the same image that you see painted on the wall. The bloody hand symbolizes the location of the resource group. It will be remarked as red in the hunter vision.

An Hunter Cache can be found to the northeast of Kapal Outpost. Follow the nearby river to the area marked on the map below and the Hunter Cache should pop up on your World Map. To solve this Hunter Cache drop down from the painting and make your way around the rock towards the cave where you first meet Wogah. Now turn on your Hunter Vision and look for the glowing red batch of resources.

Another Hunter Cache we’ve located can be found after you break your way int the Izila Homeland. Follow the left edge of the area around until the cache appears on your map. Once you’ve spotted the painting do a quick analysis and then make your way back around the edge of the area until you spot the blue painted standing stone on your left. There should be a stone hut up the hill from the standing stone. Head into the hut and use your Hunter Vision behind the Izila altar to find this cache of rare supplies.

There are many more Hunter Caches around the Far Cry Primal beautifully depicted world. We’ll make sure we update this guide in case we find more of them hard to discover, and you do the same in the comments section below.