Far Cry Primal: Ultimate Oros Survival Tips and Tricks Guide

 Far Cry Primal: Ultimate Oros Survival Tips and Tricks Guide

Ubisoft returns with the Award Wining franchise Far Cry with a brand new innovative open world survival gameplay – Far Cry Primal. The game will feature massive beasts from the Stone Age along with breathtaking environments and unpredictable savage encounters. The player takes control of a Wenja Tribesman names Takkar during 10000 BCE and rise to power and lead his Tribe from enemies and wild animals.

Ultimate Oros Survival Tips and Tricks Guide

The player will be going through various adventures during the Stone Age and you will know how difficult it was during the Mesolithic period. Your tribe need to survive a daily challenge with one another and nature. Here is the Ultimate Guide which will help you survive from any kind of circumstance in Oros be it Day or Light, Udams or Izila, Wild or Rare Animals you can now survive from every wave.

Survival Tips and Tricks

Wild Animals

As the game sets during the Stone Age, where the humans were at the last part of the food chain. Your main option is to try and run away from the Wild animals like Mammoth, Jaguars and others. There are various animals you will encounter during your playthrough so you must be ready to deal with them. Upgrade your skills from the village to master your Hunting and Taming Skills. Both are very useful for the survival in the wildlife.

Hunting Skill

As mentioned above you must master your Hunting skills as these will be the Basic and the most important skill you need to rush for. As you progress in game and Complete the very first Beast Master Quest, you’ll have Owl at your Marking service, that is you can call him anytime while you are in Oros and they can help you explore the nearby enemies, animals and you can also use your hunter Vision while flying. Coming to Weapons, spears works the best as the ranged weapons and with high damage output.

Beast Taming Skills

In order to survive you need a companion and there are 17 different animals that you can tame and use them to assist you during fights or while hunting and exploring Oros. Taming any animals requires Bait, Craft it and use them to track and tame animals. Once the animal approaches the bait move towards him slowly them Hold Square or X(depending on the console) to Tame the Animal. There are 3 Master Beast which is powerful then the rest try taming them as you can survival chances increases drastically. During Fights Make sure you heal your beast when injured or revive them when from the Beast Menu when they die.

Day and Night in Oros

Once you Start the game and get known with the game mechanics you will see the Day and Night have different mechanics where the night is more of lone survival mode. You have to get through the two main enemies in Oros The Udams and The Izilas, both are scattered over the map and trying to Rule the Lands. On the other hand, you are gifted with the hunter vision which will help you survive and mark your nearby targets easily so make sure you use them regularly. Night are very risky, but they come with the bonus of hunting rare animals and collectibles. Use the weapons with fire to scare the beasts and make sure of your Tamed One.

The Cold Survival

Weather is also the reason why you can die in Oros. The Northern part of the Oros is fully covered with Snow and if you try to explore it without the winter clothes then you will die. The Winter Clothing can be crafted at your village but requires Animal Skins. Once you craft the Winter Cloth you will stay warm and a meter on the left side of the screen will keep updating you about how long the Cold will stop you from freezing. Upgrade your Cold gear in the crafting menu or light your weapons with fire to get warm and increase your durability.

Village Upgrade

The Village is where you will start your journey with Sayla and ask every Wenja out there in Oros to join and build Home for Wenja Tribe. There are 8 Huts including yours to be upgraded and unlock new Skills. Upgrading them requires various materials along with certain population to be maintained in the village. The More fast your upgrade the more Powerful you get to learn new skills like Hunting, Taming, Master Beast, Crafting etc. Claim the Outposts all across the Oros to get more Population and increase the strength. This was all about the Main gameplay mechanics, if you have any doubt regarding the game then post them below in teh comments section and also check our Far Cry Primal Wiki page.