Far Cry Primal Walkthrough Part 11 – Bone Dust and The Taken Wenja

 Far Cry Primal Walkthrough Part 11 – Bone Dust and The Taken Wenja

In Far Cry Primal Walkthrough, you must have upgraded all the key character’s hut by now. If you haven’t then first try to upgrade and unlock new skills and then proceed with the story quest. As per our last quest Dah informed us about the Bone dust which needs to collect from Udam’s camp and find our Wenja hunters who are captured and tortured by the Izila Tribe.

Bone Dust and The Taken Wenja

Bone Dust

Dah’s Skull is in very bad shape and he is going through some Skull fire issue so he needs some Bone Dust to heal it and it can be only found at Udam’s Camp. Head to the mark location and start the quest.

Tag the Udam healer then Tail Her to find the Bose Dust

You can find this guy inside the yellow mark(mini-map), activate your hunter vision to locate and use your owl to tag this guy. Once you marked the Healer you need to tail her in order to get the Bone Dust.


Take the Bone Dust and Escape

You will have four locations to hunt and get the Bone dust so invade the Udam’s camp and use your best Tamed Beast to get it done quickly. Kill them one by one and get to the location take the Bone Dust from one of the Camps. Once you get the Bone dust it’s time to escape the camp and finish the mission.


The Taken Wenja

Wogah informs us about the Izila tribe and how they captured and tortured our Wenja Hunters. Our job is to track the Taken Wenjas and free them from the Izila tribe and their torture. Head to the Marked location and start tracking them.

Track the Captured Wenja

Once you reached the marked location you must activate your hunter vision and start looking for the blood trail. Keep following it until you find the few Izila people, kill them continue tracking the blood trail. You will come across the Wenja’s dead body search it and then swim in the lake to follow the blood trail. Soon you will see the Izila head killing the Udams and asks the last Wenja hunter to bring in the Temple.


Find Entrance to the Izila Camp and Track the Wenja

Head towards the other side of the bridge and then get under water to find the entrance. Step out of the water, use your grappling hook to get inside the Temple. Once you get inside it’s time to track the Wenja and know more about the Izila head. It’s better to use the Owl and scan the area to know where you are heading then take your step.


Burn the Izila Camp

The Sun Walkers Izila have cage Wenja people so we must show them how we return the favor. We mus burn the entire Izila camp to let them know how it is to mess with Wenja. Use your Owl to throw the poison bomb and take one of the Izila guards then use your Tamed beast to take care of the rest while you burn the Camp.


Leave the Camp

Find the Cave near the Lake to find more captured Wenjas, you must free them to get more people to fight with you. Use the Hunter vision to locate them. Now start burning the Village. once the Bar is full you must escape the Camp to complete the mission, but wait once you head towards the exit you will be captured by the Izila Tribe and thrown in the Cage. Get inside the lake and escape the flames as soon as possible then leave the camp. Thus completing the walkthrough and let’s see what happens next in Far Cry Primal.