Far Cry Primal Walkthrough Part 13 – Fire Screamers Fort and Seeds of the Sun

 Far Cry Primal Walkthrough Part 13 – Fire Screamers Fort and Seeds of the Sun

Far Cry Primal is all about how you survive to the stone age where Humans were the last part of the Food chain. You must keep upgrading the skills and capture the Outpost to gather new people and upgrade the Huts os that you get stronger and get ready to fight the tough enemies like Izila. This Fire Screamers Fort is one of the Interesting and tough mission so far so let’s see how we can complete it the best way possible along with taking Roshani under Wenja tribe and learn more about Izila skills.

Fire Screamers Fort and Seeds of the Sun

Fire Screamers Fort

This Izila Fort is one heavily guarded so you must plan first and then act. Get to the Marked location, use Owl to mark all the enemies and simultaneously ask your Tamed beast to take down few of them.

Once you Get close and start your actions you will see Roshani’s Health bar on the screen, she is the commander of this area so you must take the Fort down first then focus on him. Now that you have taken down the maximum of the enemies it’s time to head inside the fort, save the caged Wenjas and take care off Roshani.


Capture Roshani

After taking the Camp down Roshani will beg for mercy then she will offer you to teach Izila skills to create fire bomb. Take him to Wenja Village and Cage her until she teaches you how to learn the Fire Bombs. Go Talk to him he will tell you about some secret seeds that Izila use to grow their own food. We need them.


Seeds of the Sun

Now that you have Roshani under your Cage he can help us out to learn Izila skills. Head to the Marked location so that you can steal the seeds from your village during an Izila Race.

Reach the Proving Ground

You need to hunt the nearby Sun Walkers to grab the seeds from them so activate your Hunter vision then start looking for them. Once you get to the proving grounds steal the seed bags before Izila find them. Use your Tamed beat to ride and act faster. Once you get all three seed bags you can escape the area, meet Roshani and upgrade his hut. Thus completing the mission and the walkthrough.