Far Cry Primal Walkthrough Part 14 – Blood Sacrifice and The Blaze, Burn Izila Camp

 Far Cry Primal Walkthrough Part 14 – Blood Sacrifice and The Blaze, Burn Izila Camp

You have both of the rival tribesmen in your account one is Dah from Udams and Roshani from Izila. You should complete their quest to gain more skills and learn how to survive against them. The Blood Sacrifice mission will show you how to save our Wenja brother from the sacrifice to Suxli and

Blood Sacrifice and The Blaze

Blood Sacrifice

After the cutscene head straight to the marked location where the Izila had captured the Wenja and taking him to the Sacrifice for Suxli. You must Stop them before anything gets wrong.

Find and Kill the Izila Priestess

You must use your hunter skills to locate the Izila Priestess before she sacrifices the Wenja. This is another Easter Egg where you see the place refers to Stonehenge(Historic place in England). Start searching and kill the Priestess then start taking down the remaining Izila in the area and free the Wenja. Thus Completing the mission Blood Sacrifice.


The Blaze

Talk to Roshani and update him about the progress, he will update you about Izila’s base in Sun Walker Ring and you need to destroy the Izila camp and their fields to get in their notice. So head to the marked location and start Burning the fields and camps along with the members.


This is going to be tough if you are not upgraded with your skills and weapons. Kill them all then complete the Burning bar by destroying the Izila Camp. It’s a very big field so be careful they are strong in terms of a group attack. Once you complete the burning Bar the mission is complete along with this Walkthrough.