Far Cry Primal Walkthrough Part 15 – The Mask of Krati, Into Udam Land and Udam Homeland

 Far Cry Primal Walkthrough Part 15 – The Mask of Krati, Into Udam Land and Udam Homeland

In this Far Cry Walkthrough, we need to get the Rare Green Leaf which will create an Antidote then we can settle scores with Udams by invading into their Homeland and killing the Ull who is the leader of Udams. On the Other Hand, we must find the Mask of Krati to get hold of Batari and her Izila Tribe which makes us stronger to get her as well in her Temple.

The Mask of Krati, Into Udam Land and Udam Homeland

Into Udam Land

Head North to the Marked area where you will find the rare yellow leaf for Sayla. As you take the Yellow Leaf you will be attacked by Ull and the cutscene begins.

Escape the Prison Cell and Find your Gear

Now that Ull has taken all our gear and he will throw us between the Udam to eat us so get up and escape, find the escape route. Get back and climb you will find a grappling hook there near the dead body then continue moving forward swing and escape the cage. Now start searching for your gear.


Search the caves for Exit

You need to start searching for the way out from within the caves as the cold is very strong and it can kill you. Go ahead and get inside every cave to get their loot and there will be some Udams as well so be careful. Finally, as you reach the last cave you must kill the Cave Guardian hen Exit the cave to complete the Mission.


The Mask of Krati

Get to the Marked location and enter the sacred cavern to steal the Mask of Krati. Once you get inside you will find it is heavily guarded by the Izilas so you must call the own to mark all the enemies and distract a few in order to get inside the cavern.

Steal the Mask of Krati

Kill them all and try to use own more often to get a hold on the Land as they are quite strong to defend. Make Use of your Tamed Beast Master to finish it off quickly and Steal the Mask. As you done steal you will be surrounded by Izila members and Batari.


Escape the Tomb of Krati

After the cutscene is over you must run for your life as the Izila is behind you for stealing the Mask of Krati and attacking Batari. Head to the Marked location to escape. Be alert as you will be attacked by the Izilas on your way back. Thus Completing the Mission and the Walkthrough.