Far Cry Primal Walkthrough Part 2 – Deep Wounds, Vision of Beasts and Beast Command

 Far Cry Primal Walkthrough Part 2 – Deep Wounds, Vision of Beasts and Beast Command

Once we had our hands on the Far Cry Primal First Part and explore the land of Oros by yourself, learned the basic gameplay mechanics and how to craft and hunt in order to save yourself. Let’s check out what Sayla has to offer and how the journey shall turn at her shelter in Walkthrough part 2.

Deep Wounds, Vision of Beasts and Beast Command

Sayla informs us how the Wenja Tribes walk alone once they were destroyed by the Udam Tribe and the Oros is no more Home for the Wenja. She also informs how she was bitten by the tiger and you need to bring some green leave to cover it and heal the wound by stop bleeding it.


Find Green Leaves for Sayla

You need to bring 4 Green Leaves for Sayla to heal the tiger wounds. Go to the marked location and use your Hunter vision to explore the forest and look for green leaves. You will have your first encounter with Udam, so simply get behind him and take him down. Continue your hunt for the Green Leaves, you can also find some interesting items collect while hunting which is very useful for crafting.

Hint: Use Hunter Vision to Locate your Enemies Faster


Once you collected all four green leaves, it’s time to bring them all back to Sayla and help her to heal her wounds. While Returning to Sayla you will be attacked by the 3 Udams, where two are with Clubs and one with the Bow, so go ahead you can easily take them down. Then Head straight to Sayla’s shelter to provide her with the Herbs.


Gather the Wenja People

Now it’s time to bring our fellow Wenja people back and notifying them that we have a safe place to hide that is Sayla’s Shelter. You need more Alias in order to build a village and settle for your Wenja Tribe. Open your Map and look for Nakuti Bonfire and Tensay the Shaman which will be a Red Bonfire Symbol and the Yellow Skull, mark it on the map and then head towards it to get more Wenja Brothers and Sisters.


Once you Reached the marked location(Red Bonfire) you can Claim the area by clearing the mountain and gain more people for your Tribe. Then Head towards Shaman inside the Cave and the cutscene will begin where Shaman will make us drink the vein of Life and you get some dizziness with it. You will begin with the very first Vision Quest of the game.


Vision of Beasts

The Environment is very pretty as you walk freely in the forest without harming any animals. Go to the Owl and gain their power, and you start flying in the Vision and follow the Owl Guide inside the water and different environment of the game. Once you come out of the lake continue following the Guide and it will take you again on the second lap of the environment so simply fly and enjoy. Finally, you get control over the Owl and he will act as your eyes from the sky.


Beast Command

Now that you have gained control over the Owl he can help you with a number to things like tagging your enemies for start and unlock more abilities to gain more easy targets. You get up from the Vision and Shaman will inform you that the owl takes you as his Master and now it’s time to gain control over the Wolf Beast.


Go ahead to the Marked location and start your hunt to look after the leader of the Wolf. You can call owl for you help and locate the Udam the Wolf-hunter and kill them. Next follow the blood trail to the wolf den with the help of your hunter vision. Now you will learn how to bait from the weapon and use them to Tame the animal or Beast you want.


You will be shown the Tips screen so do not just escape it, do watch how the game mechanics works. Now that you have controlled the Wolf you can use him to attack a target, heal him or simply revive him from the death. You will be trying this as soon as you control the beast. Now Shaman has joined our Village and thus completing the Mission and Walkthrough part 2.