Far Cry Primal: Weapons Resources Location Guide

 Far Cry Primal: Weapons Resources Location Guide

Far Cry Primal sets during the Stone Age around 10000 BCE where humans were the part of the Food Chain and they had to survive from the exotic wild animals, enemies such as Udams and Izila who ruled the Oros Land. In order to survive you must learn and master the skills of crafting weapons by collecting different materials for crafting.

Weapons Resources Location Guide

This Guide provides you every information about the resources for your weapons like animal hide, animal fat, bone, clay pot and so on. You need to collect various material in order to start crafting tools, you might need to check out Ultimate Crafting Guide to know more about different levels. So without any further ado, let’s begin with the Food and Different Items.

Weapons Resources Location

Animal Fat

  • Location: All animals
  • Crafting: Ignite your weapon and craft Fire Bomb

Animal hide

  • Location: Overall Oros
  • Crafting: Clubs, shards, sting bomb and spears

Clay Pot

  • Location: On Enemy Corpse
  • Crafting: Ultimate Berserk Bombs and Fire Bombs


  • Location: Overall Oros(especially while hunting for woods)
  • Crafting: Clubs, arrows, traps and spears


  • Location: Found on Huge Animals like Mammoth and Bears
  • Crafting: Kapala Shard, Blood Shasti Club and other Items


  • Location: Overall Oros(especially while hunting for rocks)
  • Crafting: Clubs, shards and spears

Bee Cluster

  • Location: In the Hives near Bear in Northern Part of Oros
  • Crafting: Sting Bombs

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