Far Cry Primal: Where to Find South Stone and Dust Location Guide

 Far Cry Primal: Where to Find South Stone and Dust Location Guide

Far Cry Primal sets during the Stone Age around 10000 BCE where humans were at the end part of the Food Chain and they had to survive from the exotic wild animals, enemies such as Udams and Izila who ruled the Oros Land. In order to survive you must learn and master the skills of crafting weapons by collecting different materials for crafting. This guide will help you locate the South Stone and South Stone Dust in Far Cry Primal Map.

Where to Find South Stone and Dust Location Guide

Where to Find South Stone, Dust and Rare South Stone

You need to gather the resources in order to craft and upgrade your Village, but there will be the time that you may run out or having short of resources, so you need to locate the places where these resources farm. Your gifted vision that is the Hunter vision always comes in handy, but still you need to find the exact location for collect them. So let’s get started on the hunt for these South Stone, Dust and Rare collectible.

Open Your Map and look for Payska River Outpost, it will be at the center of the Map and you can fast travel to this location(only if you have acquired it). This Location is full of South Stone Dust and South Stone, you will find majority near the shore or inside the lake. Use you Hunter vision to locate them and grab them as soon as possible. If you have already collected them then try out at the Hills.

Note: You must be a mid-level skilled or have at least have a good Teamed beast with you before you set out for a hunt in this area.

In Order to Find Rare South Stone you can find the same place where you are hunting other stones, but if you are lucky then you might find this stone while looting the enemies corpse or near their hunts. Do check our Other Guide on Far Cry Primal Wiki Page for more collectible and locations.