Far Cry Primal: Where to find the Spirit Totems Location Guide

Far Cry Primal is an action-adventure video game, where the player is set in Stone Age around 10000 BCE. You will experience tons of new adventures with the massive beasts and try to survive with you, Tribe. There are various collectibles you will find on your Journey and this guide will show you where to find all the Spirit Totems across the Map in Far Cry Primal.

Where to find the Spirit Totems Location Guide

There are 12 Spirit Totems in total which you need to hunt for in the land of Oros. In order to check your progress with the collectibles, you can check out the Cave Wall on the left of the Cavern(behind Takker’s bed). Every time you collect these Spirit Totems you will be rewarded with +2% XP Boost. So without any further ado, let’s begin with the hunt for Spirit Totems.

Where to find the Spirit Totems Location

Spirit Totems 1

How to Unlock:

Unlocked by default by complete the Spirit Totem Mission

Spirit Totems 2

How to Unlock:

Head East to climb the Mountains and there you will encounter 2 pounds of water. Now continue going right with the help of grappling hook to reach the pedestal and grab your Totem.

Spirit Totems 3

How to Unlock:

From your Camp(Sayla’s Shelter) head North-east to find the cave on the tip of the Snowy region. Once you reach there you will find your totem waiting to the right of the cavern.

Spirit Totems 4

How to Unlock:

Head North from Snow Shwald’s outpost until you find a huge rock in your path. Then head east to find the quest giver and you will find totem next to the rocks.

Spirit Totems 5

How to Unlock:

Head North-east of Stone Shadow Camp, then head behind the waterfall and obtain the totem from the top of the rock.

Spirit Totems 6

How to Unlock:

Head North-west of the Izila’s sacrificial altar in Blajiman Stones, head there and grab this little totem.

Spirit Totems 7

How to Unlock:

Near the Bloodfang Sabertooth Hunting Ground, you will find a cave opening, head inside the cave and grab this totem.

Spirit Totems 8

How to Unlock:

Head West of the Chanting Cave, locate the waterfall and start searching for the totem on the east of the waterway.

Spirit Totems 9

How to Unlock:

Head West of the Burning Spear Bonfire, and start looking to the south of the stones near the waterway.

Spirit Totems 10

How to Unlock:

Head East of the Hold Rock Bonfire, you will find a water hole so keep following it until you get inside the small chamber.

Spirit Totems 11

How to Unlock:

Head North of Stone Watch Bonfire, and start investigating the first hut next to the village.

Spirit Totems 12

How to Unlock:

To the West of the Cut Mamaf Cave(Blod Snow Totem) look for the Udam’s camp and you will find the last Totem.

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