FIFA 16: Easiest Way to earn more Coins

Looking for the earning easy Coins in FIFA 16? Here is all that you need to know on earning Coins and avoid microtransactions in the game. The Coins can be earned in FIFA 16 Ultimate Team(FUT) and the best part is that it doesn’t matter if you win or lose the match, you’ll still receive the Coins as a reward.


While playing FIFA 16 Ultimate TEAM, just keep following the Content below and you will earn Coins in no time.

Always Use EA Sports FC Catalogue

Playing EA Sports FC Catalogue on Ultimate Team Boost, you play different modes in the game and earn and spend FCC( a form of currency). To create a new Ultimate Team that might be an extra squad slot with a 99-game player contract and a big Transfer List pile, or Coin Reward Boosts.

You can Higher your current level in FIFA with this Coin Reward Boost, but the purchase has a cap up to your current player level. Regardless of what level Coin Boost you have, it’s worth the investment if you spend the majority of your time playing Ultimate Team. Like we said before it doesn’t matter if you win or lose the match, you’ll still receive the Coins as a reward.

Level of Coin Boost are divided like for example, you have Level Eight Coin Boost which offers an extra 200 coins per game for ten matches where else a level 25 Coin Boost offers 1000 coins per game for ten matches. So you better use it wisely.

Don’t Quite Scoring

Be it Amateur or Difficult Tournament and seasons every player in the game have to go through from the beginning. The Game settings are set to Amateur by default and you can change it as per you wish(Affects reward multiplier). Make sure you are ready and to take the ground.

The Tactic moves you do in the match is calculated at the end and you are rewarded with the coins. All you need to do is keep scoring in the match no matter what you need to keep up with the opponents. You get up to 200 Coins for goals and the passes are also calculated in terms of percentage, so higher the percent the more you are rewarded with coins.

Note: At the end of the game, pass the ball around your back line to boost the number.

Sell Cards

The quickest way to earn money is by selling the valuable cards. In a Pack, if you’ve received any cards which is not much necessary like using in the squad then sell this card to earn a huge profit and try to build a team around it.

Ultimate Team is all about the chemistry between the player instead of just collecting the star players. It’s good to sell the card and higher a better team.

Play FUT Draft

After you have enough coins, it’s time to fulfill your dream and play the FUT Draft. This is a great way to save the squad’s contract and get new players and some packs. Buy it for like 15000 Coins, unlock and earn potentially huge rewards that you have progressed far enough. It won’t take too long to earn once you’re again on track. This is the best way to earn fast Coins in FIFA 16.