FIFA 16 Guide For All Celebrations and Commands To Do Them, Including Rooney’s Boxing KO

Among the new things included in FIFA 16 you will a lot of never seen before celebrations. Celebrating a goal has become an important part in the FIFA series since the introduction of this feature, and EA Sports keeps adding new pieces to this puzzle year by year, based on how really players react after they score in real football matches.

FIFA 16 Celebration Guide

FIFA 16, for example, introduces a few new celebrations, including Manchester United and England Wayne Rooney’s Boxing KO, exhibited last year during a Premier League match. Take a look at our quick tutorial below, that details how you can complete these new celebrations.

Point Up: Hold LB + Flick RS ←, →

Stomach Slide: Hold LT + Tap Y, Y

Bailando Robot: Hold LB + Flick RS ↑, ↓

Timber: Hold LT + Press ■

Glamour Slide: Hold RB + Flick RS ←, ←

Chest Thump: Hold RT + Flick RS ↓, ↓

Riding The Wave: Hold LB + Press Y

Knee Slide Fail: Hold LT + Flick RS ←, ←

KO: Hold LB + Tap X, X

Camera Interactions: Sprint to the Cameraman

Sub Interactions: Sprint to the Substitutes

Did you discover any other new celebrations in FIFA 16? Tell us in the comment section below.