FIFA 16: How to score with Long Shot Glitch

For the very first time, Fifa 16 will include female players. The game contains 78 stadiums, including 50 real-world venues with new weather and kick-off time variations, and the use of vanishing spray during certain matches. With the Release of FIFA 2016, there are few glitches which may help the player to score more. This Fifa 16 guide will help you score with Long Shot Glitch.


How to score with Long Shot Glitch?

Yes, there is a glitch in the game where you can hit a long shot from the half pitch and make you goal. So how to use this glitch as your shooting weapon? Let’s us check.. we are going to focus on the ‘Cross Command’ Which is ‘Square’ on the Playstation and ‘X’ for the XBOX One.


If you’re not good at the acquiring then you must focus on it as much as possible. Acquiring skill is much need to perform the Long Shot from the half pitch. Once you are good with then always remember to face towards the Goal(Most important). Try it with any difficulties it always works.

If you ended up hitting the post then worries keep trying until you perfect the shot and ready with the tournaments. Any Doubts then shoot them below in the comments section. Enjoy.