Final Fantasy Explorers – How to Access the Multiplayer Lobby

Final Fantasy Explorers has been confirmed that the game will feature both local and online multiplayer. Final Fantasy Fans have been waiting for and game and now that it is available on Nintendo 3DS they are confused how to Access the Multiplayer Lobby. This Guide will show you how to get access to play Multiplayer in Final Fantasy Explorers.

How to Access the Multiplayer Lobby

How to Access the Multiplayer Lobby

Can’t wait to play with your friends online? First you need to unlock the Online Lobby in order to access it. It is very easy, simply complete first 2 quests and unlock the few Classes for your character. Once you have the classes unlock, check for the “Play Mode” button and click on it to access the Online Co-Op.

Next menu is to create a room or searching for rooms. Both options have certain criteria such as gathering, boss fight and so on. After joining the room, someone must select a quest or Press the button “Room Quest” just below the connect online button to join the quest.

Note: There have been some FPS Drops so be careful.

You can also host if you want to do the same quest as you’re currently doing in the story mode. Joining someone’s room will be odd as they might have higher or lower level character than you and probably on a different quest as well.