Final Fantasy Explorers – How to Defeat Ifrit

Final Fantasy Explorers is full of adventure and multiplayer action RPG where the player is free to traverse. As you progress in Final Fantasy Explorers, Ifrit will be the first Ghost you will be facing in the game. This Article will show you how to Defeat Ifrit with ease.

How to Defeat Ifrit

If you have played the Final fantasy series then you must be knowing this Ghost as he appears in every Series. Ifrit is not a regular monster which is you been facing until now. You will know his powers once you get to fight against him. So Here is what we would like you to know and be prepared for the fight.

How to Defeat Ifrit

First thing first, you need to bring at least three monsters atmaliths to the monster lab in the town hub in order to fuse them. This will be very helpful during the fight against Ifrit. He is waiting for you near the volcanic caves(Right on the World Map).

Before fighting him, you must know his health, attack and weakness. Ifrit’s health bar is very huge. His signature attack is Hellfire, Wallop and Fist of Fire. These three attack can cause so much of damage that deals Fire-elemental damage to all opponents. Now you need to plan a perfect match for your combos and attacks.

Whenever you see Ifrit Jumping that’s the time you should run away from him as when he lands back on the ground he creates a huge amount of damage nearby. SO avoid getting hit by those and the spells which he will be casting. If Your Pack of Monsters dies during the fight don’t need to panic as they will be respawning soon, but till then you should manage to dodge his attacks.

If you see circles of fire beneath your feet this means he is getting ready for his best attack called Hellfire. Now here you need to be very careful as this will be exploding into pillars of lava, so you need to run in circles to dodge this lava. As and when you get the right moment you need to trigger the Crystal Surge and attack. He will be down in no time.