Final Fantasy Explorers – How to Unlock New Abilities

Final Fantasy Explorers is now available in Nintendo 3DS and it’s a multiplayer action RPG video game where the player is free to traverse. Players can also switch around abilities on characters, but it can cost you double for using it. This Guide will show you how to Unlock New Abilities in order to get stronger.

How to Unlock New Abilities

There are a bunch of new abilities to be unlocked in Final Fantasy Explorers, unlocking new abilities will help your player grow stronger and take down high-level enemies and quest. To unlock these abilities will cost you Crystal Points which are easy to earn by completing certain quest or side quest.

How to Unlock New Abilities

As we mentioned, yu need Crystal Points in order to unlock and learn new abilities. Once you have enough Crystal Points go ahead in the giant crystal(town). Now here are a list of abilities which will make you confused on which one to choose for different classes. Here is a basic overview –

  • Cure – Works with any class
  • Provoke – Knight
  • Focus – Monk
  • Prayer – White Mage
  • Barrier – Black Mage
  • Aim – Hunter
  • Steal – Thief

There are different colors which show the categories like white color means it is for another class and gray ones show that you already have that ability and green color means this one can be used by the current class. There is a possibility to learn custom abilities which will add mutations to your moves. So try out the new abilities and unlock the new once.