Final Fantasy Explorers – How to unlock Sephiroth’s Outfit

Final Fantasy Explorers is a multiplayer action RPG video game where the player is free to traverse. Players can also switch around abilities on characters, but it can cost you double for using it. There are several Outfits available to be unlocked in the game and in this article we’ll be showing you how to unlock Sephiroth’s Outfit.

How to unlock Sephiroth's Outfit

Sephiroth’s Outfit in Final Fantasy Explorers is the first outfit in the game to be unlocked. To Unlock it you require 10 Jenova cells which are easy to acquire at the start of the game. You must complete the ‘One-Winged Angel’ quest in order to get 10 Jenova cells. This quest is 2 tier difficult and it should be unlocked for you after defeating Shiva.

If you remember in Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children they said Jenova cells are required to complete Sephiroth’s reunion. If you haven’t found this quest yet then try farming this quest by making it 10 ties and killing Shiva 10 times to get enough Jenova Cells.

How to unlock Sephiroth’s Outfit

Once you have acquired 10 Jenova cells, you need to head straight towards the forge and ask them to create a Torso armor piece. The Piece is nothing but the Sephiroth’s Outfit. Thus, you have successfully unlocked and obtained teh Sephiroth’s Outfit.

Note: If you have the Outfit the ability to equip the hat is lost.