Final Fantasy Explorers Guide: How To Unlock the Mastery Quest: Quick Way

Do you want to unlock the Mastery Quest for a job in Final Fantasy Explorers? Ok, you need to complete 10 missions while using a specific job… but there’s a quicker way to do it. Walk out of the front gate on a free roam, return to town after loading outside.

Final Fantasy Explorers

This will count as a completed quest! So you just have to spend about 40 seconds, including loading times, for each “mission”: the Mastery Quest requires 10 missions, so you will need a total amount of 8 minutes to complete them all this way.

If we were you, we would do it as soon as you can, since it could be just a bug, or better – an exploit, which Square Enix could be working to solve right now. Otherwise, it looks just like a huge design mistake by the Japanese developer, one we would be surprised to learn about.