Final Fantasy Explorers Guide On To Armor And Armor Upgrades

Final Fantasy Explorers allows you to upgrade your armor, but do it well is not the easiest task you will be required to complete in the game. So here we are with a few tips for you to execute a good and proper upgrade of your armor.

Final Fantasy Explorers


We have two types of armor: Full Sets and individual pieces. Full Sets include helm, torso and legs, but are inferior statwise to individual armor pieces. Armor pieces have four stats, one trait and one load effect.


  • Physical defense
  • Magic defense
  • Physical evasion
  • Magic evasion

Traits add stats such as +1 Str, +10 Mobility and more. Load effect is true or false: true adds +5 ability load, while with false you don’t.


We have two types of upgrades: Stat and Trait. Stats upgrades will have an impact upon Physical and Magic Defense and Evasion, while trait upgrades add a new trait to your armor. Stat upgrades have a capped limit of how much they can go up to. For example, Hero Armor Chestplate starts at 11 Physical Evasion, and caps at 15. However, Swimsuit, which is a full set armor, starts at 15 and goes to 30.

Here is how it works with Trait upgrades. Atmaliths and Magicites from Eidolons grant a different use when upgrading equipment. They affix a second special stat on it. For example, say an armor starts with +2 Strength. You toss on a Goblin Atmalith, and it’ll add +20 Max AP as well. However, each armor piece is capped at one additional Trait.