Final Fantasy Explorers Guide To Monster Companions

Final Fantasy Explorers allows you to grab some monsters and get them to help on the battlefield – an idea Square Enix has been working for a while and was also part of the concept in Final Fantasy XIII-2. However, not all the monsters in the game can be brought on board to become part of the main characters’ crew, so here you have an useful list of the ones you can carry on as allies.

Final Fantasy Explorers

The first Atmalith you will find is likely the Goblin, it’s just outside the gate. Then we have the Goblin Lord, in the Riks trail segment on the map. The Goblin King you will find later in the story also has a speciale ability called Goblin Punch.

Then we have Toad, an early monster you will find at the Tinze Shore with the Water Element attack as special ability. Forfex, a giant crab, is in the Eija Woods area and has Watera as special attack. Land Turtle is the one in the Tinze tunnels and caves, with special ability Trample.

An early monster, Flan is on the Dell’antono Boltway and uses Blizzara. Ghost is a… well, ghost, and has Water as special attack. You will find it in the Debiis Heights.

Black Knight will be yours after killing a few of them during your main quest in the Main Forest. It uses the Air Braver special ability. Skeleton is on the Debbis Trail, even though you will meet it very often in the game, and has boomerang as its special ability. Death Knight is in the Leggi Woods and use to make enemies fall asleep as a result of its special ability. The Leech Bat are at the Hibat Foothills and have the Poison Tackle special ability.

Cactuar is anywhere but mostly in the Debiis Heights, with the special ability called 1000 Needles. Demon is at the Ruisgo Caves and use Fire Breath as special ability (watch out, it’s pretty strong). Bomb, finally, is in the fire areas so you won’t have many problems to find it, especially in the Hibat Foothills; special attack: self destruction.