Final Fantasy XV Equipment Guide – List Of Recomended Equipment To Enhance All Characters Strength

 Final Fantasy XV Equipment Guide – List Of Recomended Equipment To Enhance All Characters Strength

Equipment is one of the essential components in Final Fantasy XV. The main benefit of it in the game is to increase attack power, adding special effects for weapons and enhancing attributes for accessories. It is possible for players to optimize a character’s strength (Noctis, Ignis or any others) or make up for his weakness depending on their play style through various equipment combinations. We have listed below the recommended equipment to enhance character’s strength. Check it out.

Equipment Guide - Final Fantasy XV

Recomended Equipment To Enhance Characters Strength


  • Once acquired, the Armiger has strong attack power and greatly enhances parameters so it is good to equip it to one slot. However, it consumes HP when attacking so it is recommended to also equip at least one other standard weapon as well and use them in unison.
  • Magic can inflict great damage in a single blow, allowing you to break out of tricky situations if you have it equipped to a slot.


  • Gladio has a high HP, so equipping an accessory that increases HP even further will make it harder for Gladio to be incapacitated even against powerful foes.
  • Battles will often go on for a long time so equipping Gladio with an accessory that enhances attack power will allow him to rack up a lot of damage in prolonged engagements.


  • Ignis has a high magic power so equip him with an accessory that enhances magic to increase spell damage.
  • By equipping magic as a sub-weapon you can make good use of his enhanced magic and aim to cause great damage at the opportune moment.
  • By equipping Ignis’s unique item “The Good Chamberlain”, he will use Hi-potions at a suitable point to heal Noctis when he is in danger.


  • As he attacks frequently, equipping Prompto with an accessory that enhances his attack power will improve the efficiency with which he deals damage.
  • As he has fewer HP than other characters and can be quite brittle against powerful foes, it is effective to improve his survivability with an item that increases max HP.

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