Finger Murder Puzzle Solution, Fifth Giggle, Grab Dirty Coin – Resident Evil 7 Walkthrough

Resident Evil 7 finger murder puzzle is now finally being completed and we can check a proper solution to it, as you can see from the quick guide below. It’s not so complicated, so just look at the steps and replicate them so you can get your prize in one of the most amazing demo versions released in the last few years.

Resident Evil 7: Beginning Hour Demo Walkthrough

How To Grab The Dirty Coin, Finger Murder Puzzle Solution

First, start a run and insert fuse, then get the chain cutter and vhs – watch it. Now use the lockpick to get the Axe, grab the backdoor key and put it in slot. Bear in mind you don’t have to use it to open anything as of now. Go into the attic bedroom upstairs and obtain the basement key, destroy the boxes there so you can grab some ammo and do the same by looking under the bed.

Now grab the dummy hand behind the tv and the finger is drawer, go into the bathroom and get ammo in the drawer as well and medicine cabinet. There’s also some ammo on the shelf on the way to the basement. Use the key to open the basement and get some more handgun ammo half way. There’s a lockpick just before the monster room.

Now grab the valve and head out as soon as possible so you don’t allow too many monsters to spawn. There’s a handgun in the bathroom, get it and return to the basement, where you can obtain an attic key – be careful, there are monsters in there. When returning to the main hallway check for a journal.

Once in the attic, you can start the murder puzzle by reading the blood message. Point the finger at rubble below the clock on first floor hallway, then go to the dead end in the attic and look at the bright light next to the barred door. Head to the basement, point the finger at the head of the bodybag on the table, and go to the painting of the woman with a bag on her head on the stairs to the second floor. Hit the painting with the axe.

Now point the finger at the barred door in the room with the voodoo dolls, look at the mirror outside of this room and do a 180 turn to the trigger giggle. Then point it at the blue and white wires above the bed in the attic. Open the pot in the kitchen and watch the vhs again, playing out all the dialogue options and interacting with the refrigerator, microwave and pot. Grab the lockpick and open the drawer.

When in the hallway of the vhs, open the drawer with the finger, go upstairs and look at the headphones on the table. You should see the ghost woman at some point, and once the vhs is over return into the basement, where you’ll enter the backroom crouching and looking at the doll until your back can turn to the doll on the shelf. Hear the giggle head to the open pot in the kitchen and point to the gumbo inside, then to the locked door in the attic. When the blood handprints are there, open and complete the puzzle.

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