Five Nights At Freddy’s World Tips Tricks and all 5 Endings

There are 5 Endings of Five Nights At Freddy’s World game which depends on what decision the player makes in the game. We have some awesome tips and tricks you should know to end the game. This Guide will show you Five Nights At Freddy’s World Tips Tricks and all 5 Endings.

Tips Tricks and all 5 Endings

Basic Tips and Tricks

Normal Mode is for all the beginners as it’s the easiest one. We recommend to get your hands on the normal mode first and then take on the Hard mode. Whenever an enemy is trying to use an ability, you will see the ability name appears on the bottom left area of the screen. You can practice it to be quick about it then completely null the stun from Jumpscare by immediately switching teams when the caption appears. This is the only way to avoid the hits for your “primary” team.

Save your chip slot if you were using the Block: Jumpscare chip. For Token farming, you can either try farming in area 6 for Gold Endo/common mobs or the Mysterious Caves for Goldmines. Keep up a shield (Endo) and Giftboxes (Funtime) no matter what. The boss can chew through boxes, so that’s mainly what these two characters will be doing throughout the battle.

Always have the speed debuff (Freddy) on the boss, it helps you with keeping up your shield and boxes and so you have more damage opportunities. Just keep attacking Freddy with Freddles/Bite, Nightmare Foxy with Unscrew.

All Five Nights At Freddy’s World Endings

Every time you get an ending, you’ll get a trophy on the character party screen. Here are all the possible endings of the game and how to get it.

Ending 1:

Beat the game on Normal mode

Ending 2:

Beat the game on Hard Mode

Ending 3:

Beat Chipper’s Revenge. Jump to Area 4, go right-up-left to get to the top part of the map and keep going left to find a cave entrance. Now see a couple of icons at the far left in the world map and go there to complete it.

Ending 4:

When you are told to not go past sub-tunnel level 3, you will get to sub-tunnel level 3 in area 6 (circus maze) as part of the progression. Once there, hug the bottom wall as you go right – you should eventually go through fake spots. Go left and you’ll end up in a brand new area

Ending 5:

Once you unlock Fredbear as a playable character, place him in your Team 1 Slot 1 position and then go talk to the NPC version of Fred bear. Doing so causes both Fred bears to explode and the following caption to appear – “Universe exploded”