Five Nights At Freddy’s World: Where to find Lolbit and Guardian Locations Guide


Five Nights at Freddy’s series is a fantasy RPG that will let players control their favorite animatronics in an epic animated adventure. There are plenty of new characters to be unlocked in Five Nights At Freddy’s World and this guide will show you where to find the Lolbit and Guardian exact Locations in Five Nights At Freddy’s World.

Where to find Lolbit and Guardian

Before we begin with the guide we would like to inform that there are minor SPOILERS ahead so enter at your own risk. Also Thanks to the Steam User with to locate the location for these Lolbits and Guardians in Five Nights At Freddy’s World. So let’s begin with the hunt.

Where to Find Lolbit

Lolbits is a shop owner who will allow the use of Bytes in exchange for Tokens. As long as you have the Fatztokens they are your Best friend. The game mechanics works to build a team that’s broken or get broken by the enemy. They sell Bytes in three levels of power:

Lolbit – Wasps

Location: Head North as you start the game and then to the most fox shaped of the people you find.

Mendo – Armor Upgrades

Location: In Fazbear Hills(North), he will sell you armor upgrades though they will take some time to unlock.

Lolbit – Repears

Location: In the Dusting Fields, act like you’re heading to Bouncer and there she is.

Lolbit – UFOs

Location: You have the chance to exchange your wasps for UFOs. Go east from Lilygear lake until you find a whirlpool which will take you to the entrance of Pinwheel circus.

Lolbit – Shields

Location: Go east from Lilygear lake and then West back onto the shore where you will see a locked gate and a glitched dead tree. All you need to do is walk inside the cave to find Lolbit selling fine quality shields.

Lolbit – Bombs

Locations: It can be found at the right most area of Blacktomb Yard.

Where to Find the Guardian

Guardian in Five Nights At Freddy’s World are nothing but the Bosses and here are their locations. Once you passed Pinwheel Circus and beat Porkpatch, you will have a key which unlocks the various locks throughout the game. In order to get to the end boss, you must finish Fredbear’s tasks if you don’t then beat the Guardians.


Location: At the Top Right corner of Lilygear Lake


Location: Bottom Left Corner of the Dusting Fields


Location: In Dark-Iron Mines(mines in Blacktomb Yard)