Fix For “PS4: Unable to connect to PSN” Issue

The after-effects of the recent DDoS attacks has left a lot of gamers fuming as they are still not able to use the services provided by Sony to the fullest. Christmas, and now it seems that the whole holiday season, has been literally ruined for PSN users.

While Sony is trying to worm its way out of this havoc, many exerts are busy looking for a working fix for this issue. First the gamers tried to login using the MTU To 1473 setting, which did work at first but did not later.

Finally there seems to be a fix thought, for the gamers still struggling with their PSN Sign-In issue follow these steps for a successful login:


How to Fix “PS4: Unable to connect to PSN” Issue

  • First of all go to Settings > Network > Set Up Internet Connection
  • No depending on your type of connection choose ‘Use Wi-Fi’ or Use ‘LAN Cable’
  • If you are using Wi-Fi enter the required details and continue
  • Then (both LAN and Wi-Fi users) select Custom
  • If you are not aware of settings for IP Address select Automatic
  • If you are not aware of settings for DHCP Host Name select Do Not Specify
  • If you are not aware of settings for DNS select Automatic
  • Set MTU Settings on Manual
  • Enter 1473 as a new MTU value, press X
  • If this value is unsuccessful, use 1450
  • Choose Next
  • If you are not aware of settings for Proxy Server select Do Not Use
  • Select Next for testing Internet Connection
  • You shall see a value under (PSN Sign-In – Successful) if this process was successful

Successful PSN Login