Fog of War – Battlefield 1 Walkthrough Episode 3: Chapter 2

In Battlefield 1 Episode 3 – Chapter 1: Over the Top, we drove and captured Capture Piccadilly Mill, Kitchener’s Ridge, Beren’s Crossing and Big Willy’s Farm. In this mission, we continue to drive towards the Cambrai. We are supposed to scout the Black Bess from the fog and take down any enemy base which comes in our way. Let’s get started with Chapter 2 of Episode 3 – Fog of War Walkthrough.

Episode 3: Chapter 2 - Fog of War‚Äč

Fog of War Walkthrough

Guide Black Bess Through Bourlon Wood

Once we get the controls back, there are no orders from the base so get started on your own. Your object is to scout through the forest and clear out all the anti-tank obstacles comes in our way. Take the right path from the burning tank to climb towards the top and find your first enemy camp. Keep checking your mini-map radar to locate the nearby soldiers then take the guy on both the turrets as they will drain your maximum health.

Hint: Take cover to regenerate health.

fog of war scout camps

Soldier Camp 2

Now Repair the Tank and continue guiding them through the forest. Look for the weapon crates nearby to change your weapon if you are out of ammo. Again climb up from the right to locate another soldier camps. From here you can either try to shoot them down from the top or sneak down and take one by one. There is a turret guarding the camp so ake sure you kill him first. Head back to the Bess and repair it(if needed).

fog of war scout camps 2

Security Camp 3

We need to make sure the Black Bess is repaired 100% before we proceed to the next camp. The Third camp will have three turrets and your job is to clear them out first before they destroy our tank completely. Head up from the left then take one by one turret and make sure you crouch when necessary to avoid damage.

fog of war scout camps 3

Bridge and the Bunker

After clearing the third security base, you must wait behind the tank until the explosion. Head straight towards the bridge to clear them out and acquire the base. Now you need to conquer the Bunker, but for that, you need to survive 2 waves or tanks and soldiers. Head up clear all the soldiers and once the Back Bess reaches the center head back and repairs it. Now use the turret to destroy the remaining tanks.

fog of war bunker

Return to Black Bess

Finally, return to the Black Bess and watch the cutscene. Thus completing the second chapter of Episode 3. You can either continue to the next chapter 3 – Breakdown or check our Battlefield 1 Wiki to know more about the game walkthrough, collectibles and much more.