For Honor Chapter 2 Vikings Walkthrough

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Now you play the Viking part in this chapter. You play as a raider who is on a mission to unite the Vikings and taking over the samurai’s land.

Chapter 2 Vikings Walkthrough

Chapter 2 Vikings Walkthrough

Mission 2.1 Raiding the Raiders:

The chapter starts with a cinematic conclusions of what happens in the first chapter. At the beginning you have to move ahead using an axe and burn down the gate for further invasion. Viking strength is under heavy attack, you need to choose the enemy first. The controls are bit tougher this time as the attacks take some time. You need to move ahead and burn the gate. Remember to stay out of the red round or else you can damage your health.

For Honor Chapter 2 Guide

Loot the Food Supplies:

Move inside and loot three food supplies. You can follow your Viking soldiers before attacking. You can also throw flask to cause burn damage. Similar to Knights execution can heal you. There are huge crowd of enemies around, so a slow movement is recommended. Do not run over the fire if you are using flask, let it cool down and then move ahead.

Defeat Ragnar:

After this head towards another location to reach Ragnar who challenges for the fight. Using fire attack on him is of not much use. His attacks are strong, it can shun you for a while, and will lead you prone to another powerful attack. Along with using weapons, he can also lift you and throw on the ground with a knee attack. So staying much near is also lethal. Follow the below tips to defeat him.

For Honor Chapter 2 Guide

Tips to defeat Ragnar:

  • Dodge attacks first, then block it and try to break his guard. This can give you a decent amount of damage.
  • If you are low on stamina run behind and dodge. Fire attack is useful when he is shunned after you break his guard.

Chase down Ragnar:

The next fight is on the horse, you can use the axe to hit enemies who are following you. Keep a watch on the attack locater on screen, it will help you to take down enemies. Finally, in the end cut scene, he dies with an axe attack.

Mission 2.1 Viking Diplomacy:

Free the Viking Prisoners: In this mission, Vikings head ahead take down Siv. The first objective is to free the war prisoners. Ahead, as usual, there are soldiers with similar weapons like the axe. their attack pattern is same. you need to free the prisoners on the top of towers that are scattered into different places. free them for the next cut scene.

Pushback the enemies:

Once all Vikings unite, fight with the solders to take them all, for killing multiple you can use the fire flask or you can go with a direct combat using the weapon. Use heavy attacks for taking down them with one strike. The next cut scene will lead to a duel fight with Siv the Ruthless.

For Honor Chapter 2 Guide

Tips to defeat Siv:

  • Lock the target and block the attacks. The raider uses two axes that are not very heavy to damage, but offer swiftness to the opponent.
  • So dodge behind and let the opponent attack, as it loses its stamina you can use guard and heavy attacks at the same time.

Mission 2.3 Wood, Iron and Steel:

Reach the Side entrance:

In this mission you play as Stigandr. His weapons are a shield and a sword. He has quiet a strong way of attacking with a shield protection. That helps a lot to block an enemy, but it takes a good amount of stamina. So use the shield whenever need and then attack.

Open the Gate:

Head towards to fight with soldiers in the path, and reach the gate to open it. there are many of them. using the shield to unlock guard offers a good blow to shun them and then you can attack. It is not necessary to keep on killing all of them, once you are able to reach the gate liver, you can open it.

Man the Ballista:

Use the ballista to take down around 20 targets. Then you will get your next objective. There is a time of doing the same. you can take multiple kills on a group of soldiers standing in a line. There is a cut scene at the end that brings Julius Salavander in the picture. Defeating him is the end of mission.

For Honor Chapter 2 Guide

Tips to defeat Julius:

  • Your constant attack is good enough to take his health. He has a long sword with good damage. So use it for protecting yourself.
  • Blocking his attack is easy, but if he breaks your guard he can cause nice damage.

Mission 2.4: Up the Beach

The mission takes you the samurai land. A short cinematic shows the breach of Vikings into the land of a samurai. There are archers with fire arrows and constant attacks by the soldiers.

Enter the Samurai Fortress:

The objective is to enter the fortress first by reaching the bottom of the wall. Now there is a good amount of samurai soldiers around, but they are vulnerable to the axe attacks. With a few blows, you can take them down pretty easily. You need to use a few combo of heavy attacks to take them down. Once you reach the wall kill the enemies near it. climb up to the wall and avoid the attacks.

For Honor Chapter 2 Guide

Opening the fortress gate is the next objective to allow your solders enter the final fight inside, the objective is simple, you need to head towards the marked location to find the controls in between you will have to fight with a samurai fighter who is pretty strong. Avoid his attacks by dodging and use few combo shots of heavy ones to take him down. Next head back to the Vikings troop and push back the samurai forces. So this could be a long heavy battle, you need to kill a lot of soldiers in the path and finally head towards securing the final enemy Fujikiyo.

Tips to defeat Fujikiyo:

  • Lock him and then block his few attacks first. This will give you a gap to attack him. Blocking is quiet necessary to avoid his long sword attacks.
  • He is also vulnerable to guard block, you can use that to finally take him down.

Mission 2.5: Reconnaissance:

You play as Runa who is on a mission to find the samurai maps. She uses a spear and a shield as her primary weapons. Keep moving ahead and you need to fight with samurais in between, in case you are surrounded try to find a path and walk behind. The samurai also uses the smoke bomb that can cause the issue. To move ahead you will need to kill all the ambushers.

Next head towards to locate the source of alarm raised by the dead soldier. This time enemies are bit stronger so attacking them with proper strategy is needed. After freeing up a prisoner head toward the docks and kill the enemies.

Reach the monastery:

Using shield tackle against direct attack will help you to slow down the opponent. Enter the monastery fight with the enemies in it and then reach toward the top side. There are more enemies in the path, so you can simply push them from the edge to avoid long battles. Finally, on the top, you will have to kill the boss, collect the map and escape the place. There is no real necessity to fight, you can run away if you want.

Tips to defeat Boss:

  • Move back and let him attack first, ensure that you don’t come too near to any ledge or else you can fall down.
  • Use the shield to block the attacks. Once the boss has done attacking use the spear attack. The boss will also block your attacks.
  • The best way to fight him is taking him toward the stairs. You can use guard block to shun him and use combo attacks to take him down.
  • If you can use the fire it will be good enough to end the fight easily.

Mission 2.6: The Great Raid:

For Honor Chapter 2 Guide

The raider now charges to the Samurai’s imperial city for attack. Fight towards the entrance with your solders and clear them out one by one. You will need to keep pushing inside and later push the enemies back across the bridge. Things you need to take care are when you fight with a samurai or a boss with the heavy spear, don’t stay in direct attack range. After that head toward the archer, point to capture it. finally, reach the gate with your forces and secure it. At the end, you need to fight General Tozen who also uses a bit of magic. He will try to escape in the fight you will need to find him and kill him.

For Honor Chapter 2 Guide

Tips to defeat General Tozen:

  • Once you see three of them, move back and try to take them one by one. They are swift in attack and can cause a good health damage. So you need to heal yourself in between, an execution can also help you for the same.
  • All three of them will attack you simultaneously, but if you move a bit back, two will run away to the start point for a while and you can fight with one. They keep on moving front back that is the window where you can deal with them one by one.
  • Block their attacks and then use a heavy one. Avoid staying in between them. then finally move ahead with the final one.

So this was the end of Chapter 2 Vikings. You can read For Honor Wiki for more guides and tips or else continues with Chapter 3 Samurai.